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Headstart Announces Launch of Recyclings- World’s First Collectible Toy Made from Recycled Plastic

Recyclings Headstart

Australian-owned toy company Headstart has announced the launch of their new product Recyclings. Recyclings are the first collectable toys to be made from 70% recycled plastic!  Headstart seeks to produce a more sustainable toy (each Recycling saves 7 bottle caps from landfills) while also educating children about the cyclical nature of recycling and plastic re-use. Even the capsule each character comes in is made from 100% recycled plastic!


The first season of Recyclings launches with over 90 different characters to collect, spanning across 8 categories: The Foodies, Nature channel, Under the sea, It’s magic, Shopping trolley, Let’s play, Sweet tooth, and Movie night. Some Recyclings will be common, others uncommon, and a few will be rare!

Recyclings Headstart


At launch, there will be different picks, diversifying consumer choice.

  • Recyclings Collectibles Single Figurine Pack

Each Recyclings Cap Pack saves 12 bottle caps from land-fill and includes:

1 x Recycling figurine/pencil topper, 1 x Cap Pack capsule, 1 x collector sheet.


  • Recyclings Collectibles 4-pack Figurines

Each Recyclings Bottle Pack saves 20 bottle caps from land-fill and includes:

4 x Recyclings Figurines/Pencil Toppers and 1 x collector sheet. (3 x Recyclings shown and 1 x Recycling hidden)


  • Recyclings Collectibles 9-pack Figurines (Collector’s Case) 

Each Recyclings Collector Pack saves 150 bottle caps from land-fill and includes:

9 x Recyclings Figurines/Pencil Toppers, 1 x collector’s case and 1 x collector sheet.


Recyclings will launch in Walmart stores across the USA in January 2022, and in major Australian toy retailers, including Big WKmartTargetWoolworths and more, from February 2022.