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RC Rock n’ Rollerskate Dolls by JAKKS Pacific Sponsors ‘Kids Skate Free’ This Holiday Season

Jakks Pacific Kids Skate Free

JAKKS Pacific is officially a sponsor for the Roller Skating Association’s Kids Skate Free Program for holiday 2022. JAKKS Pacific is committed to improving the lives and well-being of children, making a sponsorship with Kids Skate Free a perfect way to give back to the community this holiday season. Kids Skate Free’s goal is to provide kids and families an outlet to improve physical and mental health while having fun in a safe and affordable environment. Children learn early the benefits of staying healthy and in good physical condition. Enjoyment is the key ingredient to every sport or exercise program, especially for kids – and roller skating is fun for ALL ages!


Since 2012, the Kids Skate Free program has helped families maintain an active and healthy lifestyle by providing up to two free passes per week for each participating child. Parents who wish to sign their children up to the program can visit to get started. Passes are delivered weekly through the MyHownd app. Approximately 200 roller skating centers throughout the country currently participate in the program. In 2018, we reached a milestone of registering one million children to the program.

“The roller skating trend has been wildly popular online and across multiple channels on social media. We are excited to bring our Rock N Rollerskate dolls to kids and parents for early holiday shopping. It’s the perfect gift for any kid that likes roller skating or loves watching it on TikTok,” said Jeremy Sueper, Sr. Director of Marketing at JAKKS Pacific. “These dolls are sure to bring hours of joy and entertainment this holiday.” Rock N Rollerskate dolls can be found at retailers now for $39.99.


The Rock n’ Rollerskate dolls by JAKKS Pacific (NASDAQ: JAKK) gives kids another opportunity to get in on the roller skating fun when not at the rink. Rainbow Riley and Lightning Luna are operated by a remote control that allows the doll to roller skate forward, backward, in 360 spins and do the splits all while the wheels light up in multiple exciting colors. Music is included in the remote control letting kids toggle through two different songs while skating.


About Kids Skate Free:

Developed in 2012, the Roller Skating Association International’s Kids Skate Free program serves as a way to encourage kids and families to stay healthy and active year-round. The program provides up to two free passes weekly to visit participating skating centers saving families hundreds of dollars yearly. Parents who wish to sign their children up to the program can visit to get started and then download the MyHownd App to get their passes delivered every week. Follow us on Instagram (@mysk8moves) or on Facebook (@RollerSkatingAssociation).