Kinetic Sand and Artist Dan Lam to Drop NFT Series: “Please Do Touch the Art”

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic SandTM, the original squeezable sand from leading global children’s entertainment company Spin Master, and artist Dan Lam announced an NFT (non-fungible token) series to benefit Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA), a national organization of local Clubs focused on providing youth with equal access to opportunities and experiences. The works will be available for purchase via NFT auction platform Rarible on December 1 at 12 p.m. EST. 

This NFT collab follows the popular interactive installation, Sensory Play: Please Do Touch The Art (, hosted by Kinetic Sand and Lam last month at Waterfall Mansion & Gallery. Over the course of two days, two floors of the NYC gallery were transformed showcasing Kinetic Sand installations created by Lam and over 350 guests attended and were encouraged to touch the art and let their creativity flow.

Once inside, a runway of hot pink sand led to Lam’s oversized Squish sculpture in hues of pink, purple, blue and green in a Kinetic Sandbox. A virtual waterfall of cascading pink Kinetic Sand covered the back wall of the exhibit space, adding a 3D touch to the immersive experience. The second installation featured another Squish in a glow in the dark room where guests interacted with bright, glowing Kinetic Sand that covered the space in pink, purple and green. Following the exhibit, with each guest contributing, the work was captured in a series of NFTs for auction. The art will go on sale on Dec 1. For more information and to follow the auction, please visit 

Proceeds from this auction will be donated to Boys & Girls Clubs of America, helping select Clubs expand their offering with more arts-enhanced and arts-integrated programs and creative experiences.

“I’m interested in dichotomies and the tension that exists and is created between ideas,” said Lam. “This exhibit broke the tension that exists around consuming art, with Kinetic Sand as my medium, guests were invited to touch the art, breaking down that traditional forth wall. The final product, a collaboration of 350+ individuals, preserved with the drop of the NFTs so guests who were unable to attend Sensory Play: Please Do Touch The Art can experience the same magic virtually.”

Lam is best known for her creation of amorphous sculptures that play with the line between beauty and ugliness; attraction and repulsion; the interesting and the disturbing. 

Sensory Play: Please Do Touch The Art exhibit was conceived in partnership with creative agency L&C NYC, art curatorial advisory from Waterfall Mansion & Gallery.