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Luxury Gentleman’s Brand Larusmiani Partners with MGM on Suave and Stylish Pink Panther Capsule Collection

Larusmiani MGM Pink Panther

Pink Panther is bringing his trademark suaveness to an incredibly stylish new fashion and accessory line. Luxury gentleman’s brand, Larusmiani, and MGM, a leading entertainment company, announced today that they have collaborated on a sophisticated capsule collection inspired by the iconic Pink Panther.   Making use of the new Pink Panther Pink Pantone color in the design and featuring an array of beautifully crafted garments such as cashmere crewneck sweaters and velvet robes, to manicure sets and shoehorns, all items embody the sophistication of Pink Panther as interpreted by Larusmiani.  The new limited-edition collection, which is available today at the Larusmiani boutiques in Milan, Porto Cervo (next Spring/Summer), St. Barths (next Spring/Summer), and online (at, also marks the first character collaboration for the brand in its nearly hundred-year history.  The line with Larusmiani marks MGM’s first foray into men’s luxury goods, with the licensing team having plans to further expand in the category in the future.


Larusmiani’s new Pink Panther capsule collection is filled with humor, energy and joie de vivre, where the typical understated Larusmiani discreet colors and lines are invaded by the ironic Pink Panthers and the clumsy and funny Inspector Clouseau. The apparel within the collection is enhanced with embroidered or printed images of the Pink Panther and his distinguishing features, while on the classic Gentlemen’s Essentials, they are hand-painted or engraved, creating a unique and eye-catching effect. Featured items in the collection include:

  • The Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater: The crew neck combines the softness and elegance of the highest quality cashmere with the everyday wearability of a crew neck. The timeless crew neck will keep you comfortable and classy, whether being on the slopes, hiking or lounging at the fireplace of your chalet.
  • The Baseball Cap: The baseball cap is made of the finest cashmere, perfectly capturing the true sportsmanship and elegance of a contemporary gentleman.
  • The Boxer Shorts: The boxer shorts are cut from lightweight silk. They guarantee breathability and comfort throughout the day and night.
  • Striped Socks: Long socks in lisle cotton with horizontal stripes.
  • The Velvet Friulana Shoe: The velvet Friulana shoe combines the century old Venetian traditional handcraft with Milanese chic and environmental consciousness. The Friulana is made of the finest velvet, meticulously hand stitched to a natural rubber sole, made from recycled bicycle tires. A soft natural rubber heel has been added to the traditionally open friulane design, guaranteeing a more secure and comfortable fit in any situation. The unmatched elegance of the Friulana elevates your inner Doge – a Venetian nobleman – whether at dinner parties, on the boat or the daily morning routine.
  • The Velvet Silk Robe: The velvet silk robe is inspired by the iconic wardrobe of a Hollywood legend. The robe is made of the finest silk and velvet, underlined by quilted silk revers and cuffs, making it the centerpiece in every gentleman’s wardrobe. Whether at a dinner, in the smoking room, or relaxing with a book.
  • The Manicure Set: The manicure set is an elegant and particularly chic set containing, in a precious calfskin leather case, the essential tools helpful for nail care: two pairs of scissors, a file, a cuticle pusher and a tweezer.
  • The Card Holder: The card holder is crafted from the most precious deer leather. It is perfectly pocket-sized and can hold up to four cards. The high-quality leather and the hand painted Pink Panther make the card holder stand out in any meeting room. Time is money, but elegance makes a difference.

…and much more!


To support the launch of the collection, The Milan boutique will feature special signage and décor in the store and a beautiful display of the line in the store windows. 


Guglielmo Miani, CEO and President of Larusmiani, said, “I’m excited to launch the Pink Panther capsule collection, which perfectly embodies the spirit and culture of Larusmiani. Since I was a child, I enjoyed the adventures of the Pink Panther and of the Inspector Clouseau, always purveying an ironic and positive message.”


Robert Marick, Executive Vice President of Global Consumer Products and Experiences, said, “Larusmiani is known for its stylish and sophisticated lines for gentlemen making the collaboration a perfect fit for Pink Panther.  We are sure that fans of both will appreciate the craftsmanship and seeing these two, beloved icons, come together.”


MGM’s iconic character, Pink Panther, started life in the front and end credits of the legendary detective series of the same name more than 50 years ago.  Its popularity spawned TV series, specials, comics and merchandise and remains an icon of the era.  Pink Panther continues to be discovered by new generations and remains one of MGMs most well-known franchises.