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Moose Toys Goes “Above & Beyond” with Advance Preview of New “Octonauts” Toy Line

Moose Toys Octonauts


Moose Toys a leading innovator in the toy industry, revealed today the highly-anticipated first-look at its new Octonauts toy line, launching August 2022. In partnership with Silvergate Media, Moose will release a range of vehicles, figures, plush and playsets based on the popular animated TV property “Octonauts” and its latest new series, “Octonauts: Above & Beyond,” to preschool toy aisles nationwide. Moose will continue the Octo-fun with line expansions, including new characters, vehicles and more, in late 2022.


“Anticipation for the new line of ‘Octonauts: Above & Beyond’ toys has been building since we announced our partnership. We simply could not contain our enthusiasm and desire to share this first look at the line any longer,” said Belinda Gruebner, chief marketing officer, Moose Toys. “Moose’s strength and expertise in the preschool aisle shines with these toys designed to capture the hearts and imaginations of young Octo-fans. Widely regarded as one of the top preschool properties, ‘Octonauts’ is action packed, educational and anchored in learning through problem solving and teamwork, and our toy line continues this outside of the episodes.”


“When we tapped Moose Toys as our partner to develop a toy line that captured the world of ‘Octonauts: Above & Beyond,’ we knew they would bring their signature innovation and vast experience in creating toys that have proven success with the preschool audience. What they delivered with this debut line is ‘above and beyond,’ and we could not be more delighted,” said Ron Allen, executive vice president, commercial, Silvergate Media. “We share in Moose’s enthusiasm and look forward to ‘Octonauts’ fans enjoying imaginative playtime with their favorite characters and vehicles from the Netflix show.”


The must-have toy line is at-the-ready to help the Octonauts team of adventurers, Captain Barnacles, Kwazii and Peso and the entire Octocrew, in their mission to Explore, Rescue and Protect as they respond to a range of new dangers across the globe. The vehicle-based line is supported by figures and playsets which allow “Octonauts” fans to recreate their favorite episodes and imagine new adventures based on the hit shows “Octonauts” and “Octonauts: Above & Beyond.” The first wave of the range includes:



Octoray Transforming Headquarters Playset: The ultimate transforming playset that goes from flying Octoray transporter to Headquarters. The large-scale playset comes with Captain Barnacles, three cute creatures and a collectible mission card for kids to create and play their own adventures and rescue missions. SRP $69.99
Octopod Action Playset: The command center of the Octonauts world that’s featured in every “Octonauts” episode. The Octopod Action Playset includes Captain Barnacles, three creatures and a collectible mission card. SRP $34.99


Vehicles and Figures


Octonauts Deluxe Vehicles: This impressive lineup of vehicles includes new vehicles from the latest “Octonauts: Above & Beyond” series as well as must-have vehicles from the original hit “Octonauts” show. Each vehicle comes with an” Octonauts” crew member, creature, and a collectable mission card. SRP $16.99

Gup-A and Captain Barnacles: The most iconic “Octonauts” Gup, the Gup-A is a submarine that is perfect for all underwater missions and adventures.

Gup-B and Kwazii: This shark-inspired vehicle comes complete with a chomping jaw feature.

Terra-Gup 1 and Dashi: Based on the new “Octonauts: Above & Beyond” content, the Terra-Gup 1 and Dashi are ready for land adventures.




Adventure Packs: Let the adventures begin with these collectible packs that include one figure, an environment, a creature and a mission card to take kids on their own Octonauts adventure. The packs feature four of the most popular Octonauts and their companion creatures, including Panni and Reindeer, Barnacles and Puffin, Kwazii and Tiger and Peso and Salamander. SRP $8.99


Gup Racers


Gup Racer Assortment: The debut assortment includes six collectible favorite “Octonauts” characters and their vehicles. With an assortment of sea and land vehicles, each vehicle comes with rolling wheels and a fixed figure. SRP $4.99




Plush and Talking Plush: All those adventures can make a kid tired. Time to snuggle up with super soft and cuddly Octonauts plush featuring four of the series’ most popular characters. There’s even a talking Captain Barnacles who delivers some of his signature phrases. SRP $9.99 (plush figures); $24.99 (Captain Barnacles talking plush)


The toys will be available nationwide wherever toys are sold beginning August 2022. The launch of the new Octonauts line will be supported by a 360-marketing campaign including national television, digital media buys, influencer partnerships and in-store point-of-sale features.


There are five seasons and a trio of Netflix Original movie-length specials currently available on Netflix. The series is a ratings hit with leading broadcasters worldwide including CCTV, BBC, ABC and Super RTL. The “Octonauts” official YouTube channels have delivered more than 2 billion lifetime views, with in the region of 2 million subscribers “Octonauts” appeals to audiences around the world due to its superb storytelling, educational narratives and compelling characters that cross cultural divides. The property’s newest series “Octonauts: Above & Beyond” takes the much-loved crew of intrepid explorers beyond the sea and onto land with an exciting array of new locations, vehicles and storylines to enjoy. Kids learn real facts about amazing creatures, extreme new environments and the challenges of water and weather phenomena.