Add Some Vroom, Vroom to the Neighborhood Bike Ride with Spokester



One of the most joyous milestones of being a parent is when your child learns to ride a bike! But for the child, the excitement is all about the accessories. And now, the noise! The Spokester bicycle noisemaker snaps on to the front fork of the bicycle and makes an undeniable motorcycle sound. Boys and girls imagine they are riding the real thing. Parents are delighted to know they and others on the road or sidewalk can “hear” their child even if they can’t see them.


“We got a new bike for our 9-yr-old,” emailed one delighted dad, “and he needed this to just add to the new bike. He loves it… any boy loves noise! And we know where he is at all times… hee-hee-hee!”


Kids have been dressing up their bikes for ages, within their little budgets, buying a bell or perhaps a water bottle and holder. Then they write a thank-you note for the birthday money. For under $10, they can now add rumbling sound effects to their ride. If clothes make the man, then this accessory makes the coolest bike on the block!


“Remember when kids put baseball cards on their bikes to make a motorcycle sound?” reminisces Spokester inventor and parent company Playtrix President Kevin Nelson. “Spokester lets you have that great motorcycle sound without the hassle of playing cards and clothespins. Just snap one on to the front fork of your bike, and the paddle section will make noise on the spokes of the wheel!”


The Spokester retails for $9.99. Choosing between Spokester’s blue, green, purple, red, or black noisemaker might be the hardest choice a kid has to make. These made-inthe-USA attachments are manufactured in North Carolina with FREE shipping when ordering two or more. The optional 5-pack retails at a discount for $39.99.


Sold online at, neighborhood toy and bike shop owners are just discovering this affordable accessory that kids love. “We are looking for small retailers who are searching for unique toys that encourage active play and creativity,” explained Kevin Nelson who has turned his Virginia small company into a family business with son Adam.


Father and son agree that their young customers will likely outgrow the bike before the Spokester noise level dissipates. Just how long does it last? It was tested to keep rumbling for over three hundred miles of continuous (24 hour, nonstop) use. That makes this gadget a lot sturdier than the good old days of baseball cards!


It’s not just kids that appreciate the vroom, vroom sound. Sometimes hearing a bike coming is just as critical as seeing it from around the corner. The elder Nelson revealed that a major corporation purchased boxes of Spokesters for its adult workers who must cycle on wheels around the huge manufacturing plants. With safety always first, the Spokester is part of its corporate culture!


Online, Spokester’s informative blog is a great resource for parents and grandparents on all things cycling – dirt biking, bike helmets, sidewalk rules, exercise fun for little ones. Grownups appreciate the many benefits of an outdoor bike ride, including the opportunity to join their younger ones on their own bikes for some memorable family fun.