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Choon’s Design Appoints Christopher Tidwell CEO Amid Its 10th Anniversary

Choon's Design Rainbow Loom Tidwell

While beginning their 10th year of worldwide sales, Choon’s Design the ever-popular maker of Rainbow Loom has announced the appointment of Christopher M. Tidwell as CEO.  Choon’s Design is experiencing a strong resurgence in its craft and jewelry-making kits and has tapped Tidwell to expand revenue and enhance global retailer partnerships.


Choon Ng, President and owner of the brand, will continue to work on the product development side of the business, along with Vice President of Marketing, Jake Minor.  “Chris brings a tremendous amount of energy, passion and strategic vision to our company,” Choon said.  “I can’t wait to see us achieve next-level growth.”

In 2021 the company launched a new brand called Loomi-Pals and consumer and retailer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.  Tidwell brings more than 30 years of toy and executive management experience, and chief among his priorities will be expanding worldwide retail distribution.


Prior to joining Choon’s Design, Tidwell served as CEO for Magformers LLC from 2012-2021.  Tidwell has also been a leading voice in the consumer and toy industry when it comes to combating counterfeit products.


He held multiple senior sales management positions with first-class brands such as Lego, The Ohio Art Company, Mega Bloks and Wild Planet Entertainment.