Headstart International Repurposes 4 Million Bottlecaps for Recyclings

Recyclings 4 Million Bottlecaps


Headstart International has made playtime matter in 2022, by making a difference with Recyclings. Recyclings are a new way to play…plastic made fantastic! In just a few months since launch, over 4 million bottle caps have been repurposed to make the World’s First Recycled Collectible toy. The most exciting part is that Headstart International anticipates that, by the end of 2022, over 30 million bottle caps will be repurposed.


‘As a company we are excited to launch the World’s First Recycled collectible toy made from recycled plastic. Each Recycling character is made from 70%* recycled plastic which is helping our footprint on the planet,’ says CEO Andrew Hendy. Each Recycling saves 5 bottle caps from landfill which not only means guilt free collecting but also encourages kids to take an interest in sustainability and reduces our carbon footprint. From Dumplings to Dragons, Hotdogs to Handbags, and Popcorn to Pandas – with more than 90 adorable Recyclings in the first season – you won’t be able to stop at just one. Because Recyclings double as handy pencil-toppers to put sweet style into your study time, they’re perfect for work and play.


Find the Limited Edition Recyclings – Glittery Shooting Star, Golden Treasure Chest, or Glowing Ghost – to make your collection even more excellent!


In addition to the 70% recycled plastic in the figurines, efforts have been made to ensure all packaging is either recycled, recyclable, reusable in play, or a combination of all three. For children aged 5-10, the words on everyone’s lips will be: Did you get your first one yet? Being environmentally friendly – and the very first collectible toy in the world to be made from recycled materials – they’re a thoughtful toy/collectible choice for a greener, cleaner planet.


There’s more than 90 individual Recyclings to collect, across 8 fun categories – The Foodies, Nature Channel, Under the Sea, It’s Magic, Shopping Trolley, Let’s Play, Sweet Tooth and Movie Night. Common, Rare & Limited Edition – who will you find?


With a range of Recyclings figurine packs to choose from, what will your favourite be?
• Recyclings Collectibles Single Figurine Pack – $4.00 AUD
Each Recyclings Cap Pack saves 12 bottle caps from land-fill and includes:
1 x Recycling figurine/pencil topper, 1 x Cap Pack capsule, 1 x collector sheet.


• Recyclings Collectibles 4-pack Figurines – $15.00 AUD
Each Recyclings Bottle Pack saves 20 bottle caps from land-fill and includes:
4 x Recyclings Figurines/Pencil Toppers and 1 x collector sheet. (3 x Recyclings shown and 1 x Recycling hidden)


• Recyclings Collectibles 9-pack Figurines (Collector’s Case) – $30.00 AUD
Each Recyclings Collector Pack saves 150 bottle caps from land-fill and includes:
9 x Recyclings Figurines/Pencil Toppers, 1 x collector’s case and 1 x collector sheet.


It’s plastic made fantastic with characters you’ll want to keep – because cuteness needs to be collected. The Recyclings collection is launching right now in Australia, USA, UK, Canada and more from  Headstart International. In Australia, you can find Recyclings at Kmart, Target, Big W, Woolworths and more in AUS.  Recyclings will be distributed by Vivid Goliath in the UK, Imports Dragon in Canada and Amo Toys in the Scandinavian market.


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