Moose Toys Builds on Massive Momentum Heading into 2022 with Magic Mixies and More

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Moose Toys, a leading innovator in the toy industry with a reputation for creating new trends, looks to extend its on-trend track record with imaginative offerings across a range of new and established categories for 2022. Following record-breaking holiday sales of Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron, which was No. 1 in Special Features Plush in December and the Fall season[1] and recently the recipient of Creative Toy of the Year award from the Toy Association, Moose will introduce even more magic to the market with Magic Mixies Mixlings. Under its new Moose Games portfolio, the toymaker is adding a spate of games designed for all ages and boasting new game play patterns. High-profile licensing partnerships will round out Moose’s 2022 growth strategy, as it leans heavily into the preschool space as the new master global toy partner for the “Octonauts” relaunch. Also in preschool, imaginative new product development is underway to meet the growing global popularity of “Bluey.”


“We had a banner year with the introduction of Magic Mixies, as sales surpassed our most aggressive projections, even with it being available only from October to December. We brought magic back into kids’ lives in a big way and will continue the expansion of Magic Mixies in 2022 with the release of new Magic Mixies Mixlings,” said Paul Solomon, co-owner, Moose Toys. “We have so much more magic ‘up our sleeves.’ Mixlings are just the beginning. Expect to see a lot more from the world of Magic Mixies in the coming months.”


With the incredibly enthusiastic consumer response to the “real magic” that Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron brought to playtime, Moose is delivering more magic in a format the toy maker is well-known for — collectibles. There are more than 40 Magic Mixies Mixlings including Single Pack, Twin Pack and Sparkle Magic Mega Pack with four exclusive glitter Mixlings. All packs come with a collector’s guide and a magic cauldron that, when kids rub the gem and say the magic words, “Magicus Mixus,” reveals the Mixlings’ spell casting team and level of rarity. The wand reveals each of the Mixlings’ magic powers. Coming later in the year, the world of the Mixlings expands with the Magic Mixies Mixlings Magic Castle Playset that delivers five magical moments, from a castle tower that grows to a secret entrance where the Mixlings collectibles can disappear and reappear to a bed that tucks in the Mixlings with the tap of wand.


“With our new games portfolio, Moose has come to play and win in this category with a range of offerings and a variety of play patterns that includes Clipology, a completely new interactive trivia experience. Clipology is the only board game that streams, and regularly updates, real content clips centered around thousands of the most memorable moments from the world’s best TV and movie content,” said Solomon. “We also are doubling down on our preschool licensing partnerships, a top performing sector for us. We will expand our popular line of ‘Bluey’ toys, based on the hit preschool series distributed by BBC Studios airing on Disney Junior, and introduce a brand-new partnership with the mega-hot property ‘Octonauts.’ Moose is at the top of its game thanks to our incredible creative team of developers and designers and our supportive retail partners.”


Last year, Moose Toys grew more than 50 percent — four times faster than the Total US Toy Industry, according to NPD.[2] As the toy company looks to continue its upward trajectory, it will continue to engage its core audience of children with its emerging and proven brands, while drawing in new consumers, adults, through its new games portfolio.


“At Moose, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve and delivering toys that spark imagination with elements of surprise and delight,” said Solomon. “We saw that with Magic Mixies and many other of our top brands. These recent successes along with what we have on deck for the coming year, and beyond, will contribute to our continued growth as well as further solidify Moose Toys’ position as one of the most innovative toy companies in the world.”


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