Douglas Launches a New Collection of Cats for 2022

Douglas Juliette Cat

When it comes to breed-specific cats Douglas Company has its finger on the pulse of authenticity. This year the company adds three new cats to their well-loved collection, and they sure are purr-ty!


Welcome Juliette the Persian Cat. She lays out at 15” long not including her big fluffy tail. This lady is filled to the brim with fluff! Her long-textured, mocha brown fur is thick and full giving her the realism of a true Persian breed. Her golden eyes with black pupils’ standout above her prominent nose on her fully rounded head.


Trixie the Cat displays the intricate detail that goes into Douglas’ Soft line. This under-stuffed, huggable cutie is gorgeous in unique shades of black and white, almost tie-dyed looking, coat. Her four prominent paws are completely white like the underside of her chin. She has a white nose and endearing brown eyes.


Gretta the Cat rounds out this group of newbies. Gretta is from Douglas’ DLux line. Her show-stopping appearance is truly breathtaking. She is beyond realistic in her looks and slinky soft. She’s the one you’ll want to scoop up and hold in your lap all day long. She is 24” long, gray and white with golden eyes.


Douglas’ latest New Cats are expected on store shelves in late March 2022. Douglas’ products are sold at specialty gift and toy stores in the USA and Canada.