Leading Bubble Manufacturer Little Kids Inc. Launches Föm Mania Brand!

Föm Mania

The backyards of America are about to get a lot more awesome thanks to Föm Mania, the latest innovation from Little Kids Inc., the number one bubble manufacturer in the U.S. In addition to the mom-favorite brand Fubbles, the company’s lineup of award-winning bubble, sports, novelty and activity toys will now include two products under the Föm Mania brand, inviting kids and families into a new world of active outdoor play possibilities. The Föm Mania lineup promises everything from light, fluffy foam mountains offering endless play possibilities to foam-filled battles unlike anything kids have experienced before,


“We are driven by our love of all things extra which is why we built Föm Mania for kids and families who are extra bold, extra epic and extra fun,” says Senior Brand Manager, Keri Castro. “Föm Mania products have unmatched performance and invite families to get outside for loads of interactive, tactile,clean-up-free fun.”


At the heart of the brand is innovative technology from Little Kids, Inc. that turns a small amount of non-toxic, tear-free formula concentrate into hours of overflowing foam fun. Föm Mania gives kids and families entirely different ways to play with the brand’s two signature products:


● The Fömilator is a foam blaster that shoots out a jet of thick, fluffy foam up to 15 feet. Available in single or two-pack, the Fömilator is a true innovation in kids’ battle play.


● The Fömalanche is the first battery operated, portable backyard foam machine that creates piles and piles of foam in minutes that kids can run through, jump in, toss in the air and so much more. Perfect for parties, family time outside or even individual play, the Fömalanche is all that’s needed to turn a yard into an epic, magical , foamy world.


“Though we initially developed Föm Mania for kids ages 6-10, we already see the products engaging a much broader audience and dialing up the fun at backyard get-togethers, parties, barbecues and more,” said President and Founder of Little Kids, Inc. Jim Engle. “ With things so serious in the world, Föm is coming at the perfect time to make it easy for kids and families to let go and escape the pressures of the day.”


Föm Mania products are affordable and portable (battery-operated) and built so fun-seekers ages 6-10 can easily set up and play with the press of a button The complete Föm Mania line, including concentrate refills, is available now in-store and online at Target and will be available on and in-store at other major retailers like Walgreens, CVS, Party City, and Dollar General this spring.


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