Expand Your Mind Launches ‘Ultra-Power Battle’ Game

Ultra Power Battle Game

The new Ultra Power Battle Game from Expand Your Mind might be the best flippin’ game of the year! The new game turns anywhere and everywhere into a battle ground competition with its new collectible, trading token-flippin strategic battle game play.


The game (double pack $14.99 for 2 or more players ages 5+) comes with two battle bands (wrist wraps) adorned with a power dial, and 12 mystery ultra-power tokens. Each token is a double-sided, thick glossy coated flat round disc that fits neatly on the wrist band flipping mechanism. Each side of the token has a different power or strength that players will risk in each flipping battle round. Additional Ultra Power Battle Tokens (Booster Packs $4.99 each) are purchased separately as players build an arsenal from the 100 various tokens. In addition, players can collect and trade battle bands (sold separately) that come in 72 different color combinations.


To play an official battle, two or more players must each own a wrist band and tokens. Players start by setting their power dial and then strategically choosing 6 of their Ultra-Power Tokens to use for the Battle. One by one, players choose a double-sided token to risk in a game of chance. While each token has a different value on each side, luck will decide if the higher side is revealed. At the same time, players activate their wrist flipper and allow the tokens to loft into the air and come to rest on the ground. The player with the higher visible rank takes and keeps the tokens. In the event of a tie, players flip again.


After each round, a player who loses must subtract the appropriate power from their Power Dial. The first player to get a zero power balance loses the battle; Or the player with the most Ultra-Power Tokens wins the battle! During the battle, a player may also decide to cut their losses and discontinue until later; challenge another player; or pause to resume after they have their power refreshed.