eeBoo Shows Off New Puzzles Made of Sustainable Materials

eeBoo Piece and Love Oppenheim awards 2023

Woman-owned and run toy company eeBoo has a new selection of puzzles made with sustainable practices and materials for both kids and grownups. Never underestimate the value of play, even for a three-year-old, as lifestyle brand and toy manufacturer eeBoo knows well. Its 2022 collection of puzzles and games has universal themes parents can appreciate. The Good Deeds Puzzle ($19.99) is a giant round floor puzzle that charmingly shows animals and people being thoughtful to each other. Ready to Grow – Life on Earth Progressive Puzzle ($17.99) is not one but five different puzzles of varying complexity! Each puzzle features a colorful animal, fish or bird. For kids that adore whiskers on kittens, Giant Shiny Cats Dominoes ($19.99) will be sure to intrigue all feline lovers.


Children ages four and older will discover a new eco-word, biome, which describes the flora and fauna of distinct areas like a rainforest or a desert. Within the Biomes ($19.99) jigsaw puzzle boasts 48 glossy pieces of the many different animals and plantings that cover this planet. This is an educational activity and rich individual play experience that covers new ground in the floor puzzle category!


eeBoo Founder, President, and Creative Director Mia Galison has ensured, since 1994, that each product engages, delights, challenges, and informs. The 2022 Collection does that and more.


What could be more engaging or challenging than getting everyone down on the floor to ponder which extra-large puzzle piece goes where? Young children develop their skills of careful observation, spatial reasoning, and patience by piecing together a puzzle.


“We believe that being able to tell a story,” offers Galison, “or to express your feelings and speak up for yourself and others are basic skills that need to be nourished throughout one’s life. Our products teach and reinforce these skills while providing opportunities to connect with others.”


Legendary in toy circles is eeBoo’s record of sustainably sourced puzzles and games. Once again, the 2022 Collection boasts game pieces made with recycled materials and printed on FSC-certified paper using vegetable-based inks. In stock now, these four puzzles and games – like all their products — celebrate the gloriousness of diversity and difference.


Look for these four themed children’s puzzles and more online at and in specialty stores soon:


The Good Deeds puzzle • Ages 3+ • $19.99 – The Good Deeds 36-piece round puzzle features three rings of people and animals performing nice, kind deeds for one another, so this puzzle is fondly called The Nicest Puzzle Ever. The final look becomes a teaching moment to talk about being thoughtful and kind to one another. This giant floor puzzle measures 23” in diameter. Each puzzle piece is thick and sturdy for even the smallest hands.


Ready to Grow – Life on Earth Progressive Puzzle • Ages 3+ • $17.99 – Each of the five puzzles has a uniquely colored background and border to aid in sorting the pieces, a first step in completion. The step-by-step mastery of the simpler puzzles encourages children to meet the challenges of increasingly difficult puzzles, building confidence and creating a sense of accomplishment. This set contains a 3, 4, 6, 9 and 12-piece puzzle. Completed puzzles are approximately 8” wide in size. All puzzle pieces are thick and sturdy. ideal for toddler-size hands.


Giant Shiny Cat Dominoes • Ages 3+ • $19.99 – Here’s a purr-fect game to play at the kitchen table with a sibling or a parent/grandparent. Each die-cut domino piece features two fanciful cats with shiny gold foil highlights. The set includes twenty-eight dominoes that are 4.5 x 2.25 inches – a perfect size for young players. The classic game of dominoes develops matching skills and is one the whole family can enjoy, together.


Within the Biomes • Ages 4+ • $19.99 – Mother Nature approves of this giant 48-piece jigsaw puzzle that features the many biomes that make Earth such a beautiful place. Youngsters are introduced to the desert, rainforest, tundra, boreal forest, temperate, savanna, and the animals that live in these unique environments. A matching informational poster identifies each animal shown on the puzzle. eeBoo is proud to offer this educational activity and rich individual play experience that covers new ground in the floor puzzle category. When completed, the biomes puzzle measures 30 x 24 inches. The illustrated poster, ideal for a bedroom wall, runs 20 x 16 inches. Follow eeBoo games and puzzles, and Piece & Love original artwork puzzle collections on your favorite social channel – Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram @eeboopieceandlove and @eebooalwaysgood



Also look for these four themed grownup puzzles and more online at and in specialty stores soon:


Bookstore Astronomers • All Ages • $21.99 Peek inside a busy bookstore with this new, square 500-piece jigsaw puzzle format and notice the three inquisitive and curious women looking out into the mysteries of space and the unknown. They seem to be sharing knowledge, perspectives, and friendship in this bookstore environment by artist Nur Ashikin Hussin, known as Eureka. When completed, puzzle measures 23 x 23 inches.


Dogs of the World • All Ages • $21.99 Do you adore a wagging tail or are you searching for the perfect gift for a dog-lover? This 500-piece jigsaw puzzle showcases how a wet nose from a furry friend can brighten anyone’s mood! Each breed has its own color sliver that provides the name of the breed, the flag of its native country, and how you say “woof” in another language (pronounced guau in Spanish). Can you spot a ball, a squirrel, your slipper? Artist Allison Strine illustrates a puzzle ring that shows all the things you-know-who likes to chase or chew. For family fun, eeBoo suggests the kids sort the pieces by color and then, with the adults, finish each section together as a family. This round puzzle measures 23 inches in diameter when completed.


Rome • All Ages • $21.99 Bellissimo! Enjoy this 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle picturing the best of this bustling Eternal City. Imagine zipping through traffic on a Vespa to see the ancient architecture of the Italian city and its must-see sights like the Colosseum, the Vatican, the Forum. Imagine being the tourist that tosses coins and wishes into Trevi Fountain. Then stop to have an espresso, a pasta lunch, or a cold lemon gelato! Bravo to illustrator Jennifer Orkin Lewis for this getaway scenery from the comfort of our couches.


Miami• All Ages • $21.99 Escape to the Magic City with a history as vibrant as the colors on its many buildings and hotels. This 1000-piece puzzle illustrates a sunny vacation day at the tip of Florida. Experience South Beach with its nightlife and revered Art Deco architecture with its famous color palette. Walk Ocean Drive to see the sunrise and take in the beach scene – sandcastles, fisherman, lifeguard stations, and couples enjoying their first café Cubano. Artwork is by Uta Krogman, known for her illustrations of colorful and playful things. When completed, the puzzle measures 23 x 23 inches.


About eeBoo and eeBoo Piece & Love – Woman Owned, Mother Run, and Sustainably Sourced, eeBoo is a boutique toy and lifestyle brand that specializes in useful, beautiful, and well-made educational games and gifts. eeBoo’s products for children are developed in consultation with educators, psychologists, writers, artists, and parents to nurture creativity with vibrant artwork that celebrates diversity and encourages empathy and learning about the world we share. In 2017, eeBoo entered the adult jigsaw puzzle market with eeBoo Piece & Love, bringing its longstanding commitment to beautiful design, durability, and environmental sustainability to an array of carefully art-directed and exquisitely illustrated 500- and 1000- piece jigsaw puzzles. Both lines encourage mindful, screen free, wholesome activities to share with friends and family, designed to encourage imagination while inspiring conversation and learning. eeBoo’s mission is to create beautiful products to be enjoyed and shared across generations: old school skills and values made fresh and made to last with sustainably sourced materials.