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Goliath Announces ‘Casefile: Truth and Deception’ for Launch in 2022

Goliath Casefile

As part of its expanding true crime inspired games portfolio, Goliath is set to launch Casefile: Truth and Deception later this year.


Named one of the Podcasts of the Decade by Spotify, Casefile is a true crime podcast which examines real crime cases from across the globe, exploring all the intricate details around solved and unsolved crimes. Receiving over 500 million downloads since its launch, the podcast has won five Apple ‘Best Of’ awards and continues to be popular across numerous platforms.


Tapping into the public’s fascination with real crime stories and unsolved cases, Casefile: Truth and Deception challenges players to put their detective skills to the test to solve crimes in a typical small town. Players must piece together the evidence to find out where it happened, who did it, how, and more importantly — why? With a different outcome every time you play, the game offers infinite replay-ability for fans of crime dramas, murder documentaries and those with a thirst for problem solving!


“As popularity of the true crime genre continues to grow, we are extremely excited to partner with such a hugely successful podcast as Casefile to launch this game,” says Kirsten Koe, Vice President of Marketing at Goliath. “Ever since the successful launch of our Unsolved Case Files line, the demand for more of these games has skyrocketed. We look forward to Casefile: Truth and Deception being another hit for true crime ‘detectives’ everywhere!”