Waboba Launches ‘Rewild’ Eco-Friendly Ball Collection

Waboba Rewild

The old saying – “Eat the football!” – comes to mind with the news that Waboba has introduced its Rewild collection of footballs, soccer balls and volley balls, all made from the jute plant and rubber tree.


“No, we aren’t recommending that anyone should actually think they’re edible,” stated Jordan Sullivan, Waboba’s Director of Fun, “but we are pleased to be doing something to help the environment and encourage healthy play at the same time.”


In addition, the Waboba Rewild collection includes a Paddle Set, sustainably made from pinewood and basewood trees, and features a cork ball naturally made from the skin of oak trees. All of these naturally sustainable and renewable balls are ideal for outdoor play, and 10% of sales are donated by Waboba to eco-friendly causes. Naturally, the products have 100% recycled packaging!


Waboba’s Rewild Collection is recommended for sports lovers age 8 and older.