Miniland USA Introduces Best-Selling Diverse Dolls with Down Syndrome

Miniland Down


Miniland USA, makers of classroom toys and games focused on social and emotional learning, has announced the launch of their best-selling line of dolls with Down syndrome, hearing implants and glasses, direct to consumers.


The respectfully inclusive collection was created to support representation and acceptance of children in classrooms worldwide, yet equally found enormous success among consumers with young children, motivating the brand to expand their visibility to offer the dolls directly to the toy industry.


“Children, particularly young children, naturally gravitate towards dolls that resemble them,” said Clara Roque, North America Sales Manager for Miniland USA. “We recognized that children with conditions or unique characteristics needed to have access to a doll that closely resembled them to feel both a connection to a doll that’s just like them and also a connection to a doll that may look like a friend or family member. The benefits of doll play, both emotionally and educationally, are limitless. Our dolls serve to support a child’s self-confidence as well as teach both self-acceptance and acceptance others.”


Miniland dolls come in various ethnicities and genders, as well as various hair colors. Their dolls with Down syndrome showcase the sweet facial characteristics of babies with Down syndrome in a realistic and respectful way. In 2021, their DS collection was awarded the prestigious top prize (Gold) for Empowerment by the Play for Change Awards, organized by the TIE (Toy Industries of Europe), the trade association for the European Toy Industry. This past fall, they launched their dolls with hearing implants and dolls with glasses, further adding to their mission of inclusivity and acceptance. The 15” diverse dolls are ideal for ages 10 months and up, and additional accessories and outfits are available for extended play.


“As a company, we believe in the incredible importance of social and emotional learning to support a young child’s development,” said Roque. “We feel it is our duty to ensure that children feel seen and accepted, particularly as they learn about their own emotions and the feelings of others. The more they understand the importance of acceptance, the easier it will be for them to show kindness throughout each age and stage of their young lives. Our products are made to support the incredible responsibility that educators and parents have on a daily basis to enhance a child’s emotional development as they learn through play. It is an honor we take very seriously.”


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