Pisces USA Launches ‘Pet Natural’ Products at Global Pet Expo

Pisces USA Logo Pet Natural

Pisces USA, innovative world leaders dedicated to natural pet products, launch Pet Natural, plant powered botanical extract dog grooming range at Global Pet Expo. Pet Natural draws on the brilliance of Australian certified organic extracts to deliver advanced eco-conscious dog grooming products for the first time.


At Global Pet Expo, Pet Natural botanical extract dog grooming products are proudly released to the world. Pet Natural utilizes the science of cellular extraction, offering advanced dog grooming solutions for healthy skin and coats. No harsh chemicals, or synthetics are used, ensuring only the best for our beloved dogs. Discover this new world of natural ingredients on a cellular level!


In preparation for the exclusive product launch at Global, Pisces USA Director David Schneideman said, “We are proud to have the largest organic certified Australian extract range, sourcing the highest quality raw materials from Organic Growers and Wild Harvesters in collaboration with Indigenous Enterprises. It is our mission to deliver world class pet products with eco-conscious manufacturing practices.”


Pet Natural utilizes independent university LCMS analysis to verify the unique water-soluble ‘blueprint’ of a species, including its derivatives in the botanical extracts. Australian native plants and fruits are acquired through practices that support Fair Trade, Community Development and Eco-sustainable Practices.


Pisces USA is the world leader dedicated to unique natural pet products from around the world, based in Garden City, Savannah, Georgia. The company was founded in April 2017 following the exponential success of the parent company in Australia, PNP Trading, Australia’s largest wholesaler of natural pet products since. Pisces USA continues to be innovative world leaders in unique natural pet products.