Smart Teddy Announces New and Engaging Content Updates for 2022

Smart Teddy

Smart Teddy, the fun, customized, connected bear that helps parents engage their little ones with a furry companion while simultaneously helping kids set up good habits, is announcing the company’s 2022 seasonal content updates. As a part of an emerging generation of educational, smart toys Smart Teddy is programmed with more than 25 daily activities and playful interactions aimed to educate, engage and entertain.


As part of an ongoing commitment to innovation, Smart Teddy creators are regularly updating the bear with new and exciting seasonal stories, fun facts, educational games and content each week starting April 1, 2022. Families can visit to learn more about the Spring and Summer content updates which include but are not limited to:


● A daily schedule and alarm which provides parents with convenience and ability to set up a daily schedule through Smart Teddy, who will then cheerfully remind kids of their upcoming activities.

● Spring Fun Facts, highlighting educational animal stories

● Easter Excitement, featuring many stories and riddles

● “All My Emotions,” an emotional intelligence game with unique playing cards

● Welcome Summer, including “Numbers,” a counting card game created to develop analytical and critical thinking


“We are committed to helping kids develop good, lifelong habits which is where these new updates stemmed from. Smart Teddy is a perfect friend for all families including those who homeschool, and offers a wide range of educational topics, games and activities,” says a Smart Teddy spokesperson. “From mealtimes, to hygiene and understanding daily schedules, these seasonal updates offer the perfect boost for our existing families and offer an enriching point of entry for new customers.”


In 2021, the company’s content updates included seasonal fun facts, games and riddles for Fall and Winter holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and since its debut, more than 10,000 Smart Teddy plush toys have been sold in Europe and the US. Smart Teddy has been globally recognized and named a National Parenting Product Awards Winner (NAPPA) in 2021, is one of the few plush toys with STEM authentication and has earned a prestigious Mom’s Choice Award® (MCA).