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JAKKS Pacific Announces JurassicWorld RealFX Baby Blue for 2022

JAKKS Pacific Baby Blue RealFX

JAKKS Pacific, Incorporated, leading toy and consumer products manufacturer, announced a partnership with European-based toy innovation company Wow! Stuff to distribute Jurassic World toys timed to the upcoming theatrical release of Jurassic World Dominion in June 2022, including a new brand, RealFX.


One truly innovative item for 2022 is an amazing toy inspired by the blockbuster Jurassic World franchise from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment – an incredibly lifelike, all new, animatronic dinosaur under Wow! Stuff’s special projects brand, RealFX. Jurassic World RealFX Baby Blue is a full-scale baby dinosaur that comes to life in your hand!


“Universal Brand Development and Wow! Stuff have created a very innovative and unique item featuring a fan favorite dinosaur from the Jurassic World franchise. This toy will take play to the next level with elements of tech and creativity, allowing the child an advanced play pattern that they can share with their friends and family,” said Craig Drobis, SVP of Marketing for JAKKS Pacific. “JAKKS Pacific is proud to partner with Wow! Stuff to unleash this item in the U.S. this year to excited Jurassic World fans.”


Create your own unique dinosaur encounter with the Jurassic World RealFX Baby Blue! Featuring life-like feel and movements, the RealFX Baby Blue comes alive with easy one-handed controls. Manoeuvre Blue’s blinking eyes as well as mouth to simulate a ferocious bite! Move the head and neck to protect, battle or lunge. Get close and pet Blue to activate touch sensors on the head and body that activate over 20 movie sound effects. Jurassic World RealFX Baby Blue is available for ages 3 and up for $99.99 this fall at retail and online.