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Funko Games Celebrates Halfway to Halloween with New Hocus Pocus Card Game

Hocus Pocus Funko Games

Funko Games has announced the upcoming Disney Hocus Pocus Tricks and Wits Card Game as part of the company’s annual halfway to Halloween celebration. The Sanderson Sisters are awake and brewing up trouble for Funkoween!


The newest game to join Funko Games’ nightmarish line-up transports players to Salem where everyone’s favorite witches are ready to put a spell on you! The fate of the neighborhood kids or the witches themselves depends on you. Work together to get the spell book before your plans run amok, amok, amok!


Available for preorder now, Disney Hocus Pocus Tricks and Wits Card Game joins the studio’s collection of frightfully fun games from Funko Games that create the perfect potion for chilling cheer year-round, including new for 2022 games Disney: Return of the Headless Horseman Game and Funkoverse: Universal Monsters.


Watch your heart rate and check your closets as you peruse this year’s bag of ghastly goodies.



Funko Games Disney Hocus Pocus Tricks & Wits Card Game

The Sanderson Sisters have risen again, and only Max, Dani, and Allison can stop them! Split into two teams—Kids versus Witches—and work together to outsmart your opponents with clever card play. Get the ghastly spellbook before the black flame candle burns out to win!

MSRP: $8.99, 2-4 Players, Ages 8+, Available Fall 2022



Headless HorsemanDisney Return of the Headless Horseman Game

After midnight in Sleepy Hollow, the town comes to life with spooky sounds and creepy creatures! Ichabod is frightened and needs your help! Work together to get him to the covered bridge before the Headless Horseman heads him off! It’s a family game of frightful fun!

MSRP: $19.99, 2-4 Players, Ages 6+, Available Summer 2022



Haunted MansionDisney Haunted Mansion – Call of the Spirits Game

Disney’s beloved The Haunted Mansion comes to life—err, death—in this hauntingly fun family board game! Choose between the Disneyland and Magic Kingdom Edition and explore the the ghost-infested manor’s classic rooms, from the festivities-filled Ballroom to the Attic and out to the Graveyard and beyond in search of spirits. Beware, though, of the Hitchhiking Ghosts, who are notorious for “following you home” as that may spell your doom in the end!

MSRP: $25.00, 2-6 Players, Ages 9+, Available Now



Funko Universal MonstersFunkoverse: Universal Monsters 100 4-Pack

Face off in the ultimate Pop! battle. Combine your favorite characters and go head-to-head in four exciting game scenarios. Move through memorable locations — Dracula’s Castle or Frankenstein’s Laboratory — and use your characters’ unique abilities to capture points and achieve victory!

MSRP $39.99, 2-4 Players, Ages 10+, Available Summer 2022



Goonies FunkoGoonies: Never Say Die

Embark on a perilous adventure full of dangerous booby traps and treacherous treasure-filled caverns! One player is the Goondocks Master, controlling fearsome foes, from the outlaw family, the Fratellis, to the legendary pirate, One-Eyed Willie. The other players take on the role of the Goonies — Mikey, Mouth, Chunk, Data, and Sloth — overcoming cryptic puzzles and deadly challenges with teamwork, strategy, and Data’s clever contraptions! Will the Goonies discover the legendary riches that will save their homes, or will they follow the fate of Chester Copperpot… and never see the light of day?

MSRP $34.99, Ages 12+, 2-5 Players, Available Now



Five Night at Freddy's FunkoFive Nights at Freddy’s – Survive ‘Til 6AM Game

You are the night shift security guard for a Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, and it is your duty to check the security cameras and keep the equipment in good, working order…. and beware the animatronics that activate on their own at night! Each turn you’ll check the cameras and react to the movements in the dark. Choose to turn on the lights or close doors to protect yourself—but watch out! Each reaction depletes your limited power. Keep Freddy and his friends out of your office until you can clock off at 6:00 am!

MSRP $16.97, Ages 13+, 1-2 Players, Available Now



Something Wild Five Nights at Freddy's Fnaf


Something Wild! Five Nights at Freddy’s – Rockstar Freddy Game

“Something Wild! Five Nights At Freddy’s” is a fast-paced, light card game for the whole family! Featuring an exclusive collectible Rockstar Freddy POP! figure, as well as your favorite characters from the Five Nights At Freddy’s video games

MSRP $7.99, Ages 6+, 2-4 Players, Available Now




Something Wild Funko Nightmare Before Christmas


Something Wild! Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas – Jack Skellington Game

A fast-paced and easy-to-learn line of family card games featuring beloved Disney characters and collectible Pop! pocket figures. Play numbered and colored character cards to make sets and runs. Score a set to snag the character figure’s special power to help you win! The first player to score three powers wins the game!

MSRP $7.99, Ages 6+, 2-4 Players, Available Now




Nightmare Before Christmas FunkoDisney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas: Making Christmas

Gather toys from Halloweentown for Jack Skellington to deliver on Christmas. But the presents are in pieces! Look for clever combos on the workbench that will help you put the toys together. On your turn, swap two toy parts and use assembled toys to complete goal cards. Then refill the workbench, goal cards, and the toy-building continues to the next player! Hurry to put the toy parts together and be the player that completes the most goals to win!

MSRP $6.99, Ages 6+, 2-6 Players, Available Now



Pumpkin Showdown FunkoBoo Hollow: Pumpkin Showdown Card Game

A fun, fast-paced card game featuring the spooky-cute characters from Funko’s Boo Hollow! Play Pumpkin cards to throw Pumpkins at the other players. Watch out—they can play cards right back! Roll the special die to grab more Pumpkins or dodge out of the way at the last second! Whoever gets hit with more Pumpkins takes a Hit card. Get hit three times and you’re out! Who will be the last one standing?

MSRP $6.99, Ages 6+, 3-6 Players, Available Now