MammaEase Launches The Lumama Lactation Massager Pro With A Warming Function

Lumama Mammaease

The team at MammaEase has proven their commitment to providing nursing moms with the best possible breastfeeding experience with their range of groundbreaking solutions as the company is set to launch the new Lumama Lactation Massager Pro. The product comes with a warming function, making it an upgrade to the popular Lumama Lactation Massager, which has continued to receive accolades from users worldwide.


“Lumama is my contribution to breastfeeding mammas everywhere. My personal journey with breastfeeding inspires my goal to give new mothers hope, support, and a community to call their own,” said Jenelle Zingg, founder of MammaEase.


Breastmilk has been described by many, especially health experts, as the best food for infants. Consequently, nursing mothers are advised to feed their babies with breastmilk exclusively at least for the first six months. The WHO recommends breastfeeding for at least two years. A plethora of products has been developed over the years to ease the plight of nursing mothers. Unfortunately, many of the products do not effectively address the concerns of moms, especially when they suffer from engorgement, mastitis, plugged ducts, supply issues, and the need to pump breastmilk efficiently. However, Jenelle Zingg and her team at MammaEase have found the perfect formula to make breastfeeding and the entire nurturing process a lot easier and fun as through their revolutionary products. Lactation massage has been scientifically proven to help baby latch, improve milk composition, unclog milk ducts, and relieve pain.


The lactation massager was designed by Jenelle and her husband as a specially curved massager with five customizable vibration modes and high and low warming functions for mastitis and engorgement to help mom pump breastmilk efficiently and ensure that babies get the best, natural food and stay healthy.


The massager has become increasingly popular in recent times, amidst rave reviews from users. “This thing is a lifesaver for me!!! I get clogs frequently and hate giving painful massages to get them out. The massager does the trick painlessly. Highly recommend for clogged ducts and I do feel like I get more output if I use it before I pump, said Sarah.


The Lumama Lactation Massager Pro is masterfully crafted for sliding inside the nursing bra, designed to stimulate the letdown reflex and encourage milk flow. Its specially designed tip is perfect for targeting clogged ducts. It is the first-of-its-kind lactation massager designed by a breastfeeding mom for breastfeeding moms and the product will undoubtedly make breastfeeding less painful and more joyful for mammas worldwide.


For more information about the Lumama Lactation Massager and other products from MammaEase, visit – The breastfeeding campaign continues on Amazon and across social media, including Facebook and Instagram.