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PlayMonster Partners with ViacomCBS to Launch New Adult Game in 2022: Criminal Minds Unknown subject

Criminal Minds UNknown SUBject

Fans of the popular drama TV show, Criminal Minds, can celebrate in 2022 as PlayMonster has entered into a strategic licensing agreement with ViacomCBS to launch Criminal Minds UNknown SUBject. Featuring characters and nail-biting crime-solving from the popular TV show, this social deduction, interactive party game challenges players to think like a criminal to catch the killer among them. Play as your favorite FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit agents to build a profile and catch the Unsub, or play as an Unsub and hide your crimes and escape the authorities. You can say anything you like, but will the others believe you? Table talk and collaboration is highly encouraged. 


Criminal Minds has been entertaining fans for nearly two decades and fuels the passion of armchair detectives. This fast-paced social deduction game fuses the trend of true crime with one of the most popular shows in North America. 


The perfect addition to any game night, Criminal Minds UNknown SUBject is a different game each time it’s played, with 8 character cards, 81 action cards, 12 special authorization tiles and a game board. This game is suggested for groups ages 14+ with an MSRP of $19.99. For more information visit