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Cake Boss’ Buddy Valastro Cooks Up an Epic 500 Pound Kinetic Sand Creation

Kinetic Sand Buddy Valasco

Buddy Valastro “The Cake Boss” and Kinetic Sand have recently buddied up, delivering something both sweet and sand-isfying. Feeling inspired to do something fun, and test his limits with ‘one of his most ambitious cakes yet’, Buddy created 5-tiers of his iconic six-layer Rainbow Cake entirely out of the one and only Kinetic SandSee Buddy’s process from experimentation to creation on Instagram.


Trading in his batter and fondant for a new moldable medium, Buddy let his creativity flow with Kinetic Sand’s latest additions including SANDisfactory SetKinetic Sand Slice N’ Surprise and Kinetic Sand 2lb Bags. Flipping the ‘is it cake?’ trend on its head (where skilled bakers recreate everyday items with cake) Buddy took to an unlikely medium to create his masterpiece.


“For me, baking and cake decorating is an art that inspires me to use my imagination,” said Valastro. “Harnessing my craft with Kinetic Sand really gets my juices flowing. Kinetic Sand’s never-ending possibilities allow kids and adults the freedom to dig in and cultivate creativity with their hands. You don’t need to be an expert to create with Kinetic Sand, it will inspire you. My son Carlo goes crazy over Kinetic Sand – he loves it! And I love that he has an activity that inspires him, I wish we had this stuff when I was a kid.”


Kids and budding bakers can check out full video of Buddy’s epic Kinetic Sand Rainbow Cake creation that uses 500 lbs of Kinetic Sand on YouTube.