Douglas Plush Toy Company Unleashes the Dragons

Douglas Dragons

The newest Dragons at Douglas Company are sure to inspire the imagination and warm the hearts of all soon-to-be Dragon trainers. Douglas’ mystical dragons are what legends are made of. The New Hampshire-based plush toy maker and lifestyle gift creator brings new dragons into the fold.


Enchantment and regality are the words that come to mind upon viewing Ronin the Dragon, who is a full 27” uncurled. His deep cranberry fur and regal navy wings give him an opulence only seen in the mystical world. His gold enhanced eyes leave one to believe that all will be right with the world now that he is in charge.


Draco the Dragon is a literal work of art in shades of gold, gray-brown and cream. He is majestic at 23” long and standing tall. His fur is textured to represent a scale-like appearance and his inner wings, horns, hooves, and scales are smooth metallic gold. He is righteous with a hint of friendly. He is sure to conquer yet spread joy at the same time.


Sootie the Dragon is really the sweetie of the lot. She is a member of Douglas’ irresistibly huggable, crazy soft and charmingly floppy “Softs” line. She comes in two sizes 9” and 6” sitting style. She is perfectly charcoal from head to toe. Her wings, though textured differently, are also gray. Sootie’s most standout feature is her piercing blue eyes that exude magic.


Douglas’ newest Dragons are designed for ages 3 and up and are hitting store shelves now. Douglas’ products are sold at specialty gift and toy stores in the USA and Canada.