Douglas Adds More Dinosaurs and Unicorns to its Plush Pantheon

Douglas Dinosaurs

Calling all paleontologists and fans of fantastical times, Douglas has unearthed three new dinosaurs and discovered four new magical unicorns!


Meet Tego the Stegosaurus! He is full of charm. His steel blue body is accented by a full row of burgundy red scales down the length of his back to the tip of his tail.


Toni the T-Rex is equally fascinating at 7″ tall. He is fierce in bright red textured fur with a bright yellow underbelly. He looks hungry with his full row of jagged teeth.


Tops the Triceratops completes Douglas new 2022 Dino line-up. At 9″ long he has a scale-like textured olive-green coat accented by three orange tusks on his head and a row of orange scales around his face.


On the softer side of magic from this plush toy company are Douglas’ newest Unicorns. Meet Valerie the Unicorn Soft! She is a yummy deep lilac color with shiny metallic silver wings, hooves, and a horn. At 11” tall she is a real beauty.


Melodie the Pink Unicorn Mini Soft is everything soft and sweet. She is just 6″ tall, has ultra-fluffy soft pink fur, tan hooves, a full white mane, and silver twisted horn. Talk about cute, she really hits the mark.


Elodie the White Unicorn completes Douglas’ magical unicorn introductions, and she is a real beauty. She is available in two sizes Mini Soft at 6″ tall and regular Soft at 11″ tall. This gorgeous mystical creature is pristine white with metallic gold hooves and twisted unicorn horn. Even her eyes have a sparkle of gold in them making her irresistibly lovely.


Designed for ages 3 and up, Douglas’ newest Dinosaurs and Unicorns are expected on store shelves now. Douglas’ products are sold at specialty gift and toy stores in the USA and Canada.