GigaPets and Top Secret Toys Celebrates 25 Years of Play with Relaunch

Gigapets Top Secret Toys 2

GigaPets, the take-it-anywhere interactive pets that need your love and attention to raise them into a healthy, happy virtual pet, celebrates 25 years since they emerged as the number one simulated toy pet brand in the U.S. in the 90’s! To commemorate the momentous occasion, the inventors of GigaPets, Top Secret Toys, is relaunching the original and nostalgic CompuKitty with a new friend, StartCat! The classic hit toy is back and better than ever – reimagined and redesigned for day after day engagement and entertainment for a whole new generation of fans.


“GigaPets is an excellent example of a toy that stands the test of time and transcends generations,” says Steve Rehkemper, president at Top Secret Toys LLC. “These virtual pets were invented to encourage children to not just care for a pet, but to care about a pet, and we believe the interactive, nurturing play pattern kids experience today is a direct result of the impact and legacy GigaPets continues to provide in the toy space.”


Top Secret Toys launches the new GigaPets with numerous advances that provide a better play experience with more content than ever before including new animations, graphics, realistic sound effects, and more. Included in the new and improved 2-in-1 GigaPet, CompuKitty, is up to its old tricks but the new and mystical StarCat is truly out of this world, full of personality, surprises, and magic! With a celestial sparkle shell, kids of all ages will love the classic play pattern combined with the new surprises in StarCat! Keep StarCat happy and healthy and it will answer questions and tell your fortune!


Just like real pets GigaPets need your love and nurturing. Feed them, bathe them, take them to the doctor, teach them tricks and much, much more. The more you play with them, the bigger and happier they will get. These GigaPets have more frames of animation, advanced game play, real pet sound effects and more evolutions during the life of the pet! The pocket-sized pets currently come in six styles, Unicorn, Puppy, T-Rex, Troll, Pixie and the newly launched 25th Anniversary special 2-in-1 Starcat/CompuKitty- much to the delight of all of the 90s kids and fans!


CompuKitty/StarCat is available to purchase at and Amazon


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