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Mighty Jaxx Celebrates the Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2 Release with Vecna

Vecna Mighty Jaxx Stranger Things 4

Mighty Jaxx, an award-winning future culture company announced an exclusive collectible in their new collection for Netflix’s Stranger Things 4, now streaming globally on Netflix. Mighty Jaxx’s Stranger Things 4 collection will tie in with the adventures of these characters who traverse between the human world and the Upside Down. Mighty Jaxx has released the first figure of the collection, this season’s newest villain Vecna, globally.


The 8” vinyl art toy (5” detachable Vecna figure with 3” set base) is sculpted into Vecna’s humanoid stance, ready to prey on troubled town residents and turn their fears into a reality. Featuring the grandfather clock from the Creel House and intertwined vines, this vinyl collectible captures much that we love (and fear) from the incredible season.


Stranger Things fans will appreciate this unique interpretation of the unstoppable villain, with a level of detail and quality to impress hardcore collectors. As Vecna extends an evil arm, fans should also look out for a secret detail hidden on his wrist.


“We’re thrilled that our new partnership with Netflix’s Stranger Things allows us to create collectibles that allow fans to engage with the most memorable and meaningful moments in their favorite shows. This collection allows us to reach the growing collector audience and fans of all ages that follow Netflix and the Stranger Things IP,” said Jackson Aw, Founder & CEO of Mighty Jaxx. “We are thrilled to bring our first Stranger Things collectible to life… or death if your name happens to be Vecna. This partnership has been a long time coming.”


The Vecna Series 4 collectible is available now on and retails for $159. Vecna is the first drop in the Stranger Things 4 collection by Mighty Jaxx, with more releases coming later this year. With two different types of collectibles, this collection offers something for casual collectors and impresses hardcore collectors with quality vinyl art toys, all connected by the Stranger Things story that we have all come to love.