Moose Toys to Deliver Its Overnight Sensation with New Mama Surprise from Little Live Pets in Fall 2022

Mama Surprise Moose Toys

Moose Toys, a leading innovator in the toy industry, is expanding its family of Little Live Pets with new Mama Surprise, a sweet and snuggly soft guinea pig with more than 20 sounds and reactions, and her three little ones that magically arrive one at time over the course of multiple days. Mama Surprise will be available at major online and traditional retailers on Aug. 1, 2022.


“This is the first Moose toy that includes an overnight reveal, an achievement consistent with the innovation that has come to be expected from us. We anticipate the surprise and delight Mama Surprise delivers will make her a true overnight sensation,” said Belinda Gruebner, chief marketing officer, Moose Toys. “After nurturing and caring for Mama Surprise, kids will tuck her inside her cozy hutch and anticipate the morning’s arrival of an adorable baby guinea pig and a little baby care package.”


Mama Surprise is the latest innovative toy from the range of Little Live Pets. Each lifelike toy in the line moves, acts and sounds like the real thing, creating magical moments of wonderment and joy for kids.


The soft, interactive mama guinea pig’s sounds and reactions are activated in response to the care she receives. Mama loves having her hair brushed, and when she is pet and fed her ‘celery,’ her heart will start to glow. This signals that it’s time to put Mama in her deluxe hutch and tuck her in. The next morning, kids will welcome the surprise of a guinea pig baby that arrives with a special care package. Mama has three surprise babies, each with its own special care package and themed accessories to play with and dress them, including rock n’ roll, preppy and princess. Mama Surprise delivers a new baby every day over multiple days. The surprise deliveries can be repeated, again and again.


Mama Surprise will be supported by a 360-marketing plan including TV and digital campaigns, influencers and public relations. Beginning next month, Mama Surprise will be available at all major retailers at manufacturer suggested retail price of $64.99.


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