New Squaregles Brand Changes the Magnetic Toy Space

Squaregles Magnetic Building Toy Logo

Squaregles, the magnetic construction toy that incorporates building, art, storytelling, racing and more into every magnetic connection is officially available for kids to explore and happily Get Lost in Play! With hours of engagement, learning and development in each playset, Squaregles are specifically designed to be inclusive and enable all children to incorporate other toys into play, while literally building irresistible worlds from their own imaginations.


“When developing Squaregles, we envisioned a toy that would challenge kids, grow with them and even fix the limitations that my own children found with their other toys,” says Noah Ornstein, co-founder of Squaregles. “The Squaregles difference, whether children are tinkerers, action seekers, storytellers, or artists, enables every child to absorb the fundamental skills they develop through play, while emboldening their unique talents and strengths through a combination of exciting multi-faceted elements included all within the same box.”


With more ways to play, Squaregles is a 5-in-1 magnetic building system that surpasses the basic, mundane magnetic set. The Starter Set is jam-packed with multiple play patterns for playing beyond a typical build: a playset with magnetic building, track racing, a marble run and drawing elements within. Pop, click and connect square, triangle, tube and paperboard panels into the magnetic frames for limitless ways to create, engage and play! In addition, the all-in-one kit introduces fun Oggs characters and comics for imaginative adventures as kids pop the animated marble-like heads to bodies, cars and other bases with helmets! Each Ogg comes with a distinctive personality and special totem that unlocks special powers unique to each character.


Squaregles is for children 4 years and up, and is specifically designed to grow with each child. As kids grow and develop new skills, whether going from building basic structures to elaborate play scenes, or honing artistic talents and designs, Squaregles will excite and inspire children through each developmental age and stage and last for generations to come! To learn more about the Squaregles essential sets and expansion sets, visit and the Squaregles Amazon store, or follow on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.