Wild Republic Announces the Opening of a Brand New Showroom in Las Vegas

Wild Republic Logo New Headquarters

Wild Republic, an international toy company committed to the development of high quality plush and toys that nurture our children and encourage a love of nature, is pleased to announce the grand opening of a brand new, immersive showroom in Las Vegas at the World Market Center. The new showroom was designed to emulate an art gallery versus a toy shop, connecting people, the planet, and animals through immersive experiences. The new Wild Republic Showroom will officially open its doors on July 23, 2022, in conjunction with the Last Vegas Market.


“We are pleased to announce the opening of our new showroom,” says Vishnu Chandran, CEO of Wild Republic. “The new space is simply stunning, and truly demonstrates our commitment to the expansion of our business and provides another platform for us to connect with our partners, exhibit our unique in-house artistic talents and tell our story of being an activist for people, planet and animals.”


The new showroom provides customers with a unique experience and opportunity to personally connect directly with Wild Republic, along with its innovative plush and toy lines that promote nature, conservation, and sustainability. Chandran adds, “Wild Republic is much more than a toy company. We created this gorgeous space as a way to create a unique connection through our art that can be seen in our product line and the experience that we strive to create at retail. Our new showroom is the perfect demonstration of where we are taking Wild Republic when it comes to creating these connective experiences.”


“The Las Vegas Market provides the perfect time frame to open our doors to our customers,” adds Chandran. The Las Vegas Market is the summer’s most comprehensive programming destination with nearly fifty presentations, webinars, tours, seminars, award ceremonies and events set for before and during the July 24-28, 2022, edition at World Market Center Las Vegas.


Wild Republic also recently renewed its corporate social responsibility strategy known as Promise to the Planet, by promising to lessen their carbon footprint by reducing, reusing, and sourcing sustainable products. This “Promise to the Planet” includes less chemicals, recycled plastic beans in their plush, the elimination of single-use plastic with the overall goal to have 100% of their product line to be eco-friendly by 2026.


Chandran concludes, “Whether it’s through our corporate social responsibility and charitable partners, our product line or unique experiences like our new showroom, we’re dedicated to educating our children and connecting them with the wonderment of animals, their habitats and the importance of sustainability.”


The new Wild Republic Showroom opens on July 23, 2022, and is located on the ninth floor at the World Market Center Las Vegas, 475 S. Grand Central Pkwy, Showroom C-993.