Kess Sees Kickstarter for Drop Dots D20 Jumbo Dice Fully Funded In Record Time

Kess D20 Kickstarter

Kess, a third-generation toy and game company, announced that it has reached its funding goal of $20,000 on Kickstarter for its new Drop Dots D20 Jumbo Dice, a feat it accomplished in just two weeks that was backed by over eager 150 fans. With the introduction of Drop Dots D20 Jumbo Dice, Kess aims to reinvent traditional table-top game play by offering a more vibrant and lively experience through the introduction of bright colors and fun, new textures. Now that it has reached the funding goal, Drop Dots D20 Jumbo Dice are expected to begin shipping June 2023.


The novel idea of Drop Dots D20 Jumbo Dice was born when Kess CEO and founder, Alex Kessler (a prominent figure in table-top game play) saw an opportunity to elevate ordinary game table experiences through the introduction of more animated dice. “As an avid table-top gamer myself, I am constantly thinking of ways to incorporate new elements of experience to an industry that has historically seen limited innovation,” said Alex Kessler.


“The quick funding of Drop Dots D20 Jumbo Dice is a clear indicator of a demand in the market to create more dynamic table-top gaming experiences,” he continued. “The addition of the proprietary Drop Dots texture and vibrant colors will allow consumers to engage with more senses during table-top game play, and elevate play of their favorite games.”


Made with Kess’ patented silicone Drop Dots, the colorful assortment of Drop Dots D20 appear spiky but are soft to the touch. Measuring at 5.5 inches tall the dice are lightweight yet jumbo, making them great for rolling, bouncing and even tossing to other players. Drop Dots D20 Dice will first be available in six variations – Jungle Pool, Crimson Cinder, Rose Mystique, Winter’s Orb, Toxic Friend and Lighting Blast.


For more information on Kess’ Drop Dots D20 Dice, please visit its Kickstarter page here.