Moose Toys Predicts This Year’s Holiday Hit with Introduction of New Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball

Magic Mixies Crystal Ball

Moose Toys, a leading innovator in the toy industry, revealed that its newest mystifyingly magical toy, Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball will be available for pre-sale at major retailers Sept. 1 and in-store on Oct. 1. Following in the spellbinding footsteps of last year’s global holiday sales phenom, Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron, the toymaker also predicts this much anticipated expansion of the Magic Mixies lineup will disappear from shelves this holiday season. Prior to launch, Crystal Ball already received early toy industry buzz with a 2022 Creative Toy of the Year nomination from The Toy Foundation.


Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball and its interactive spell-casting wand gives kids the power to wield magic as they create a Magic Mixie. From the moment kids pick up the wand, the magic begins as it reacts with the Crystal Ball instantaneously. A wave of the wand beckons the signature Magic Mixies mist to fill the Crystal Ball and begins the magical process of creating a Mixie, giving it a voice, color, fortune telling powers and more. Kids reveal more magic by mastering different wand movements. For example, waving the wand up makes the Mixie’s voice higher, while waving it down lowers its voice. With a final wave and the magic words “Magicus Mixus,” the mist disappears to reveal an adorable plush Magic Mixie inside the Crystal Ball. The Mixie has four modes of play: Fortune Telling, Spell, Game and Tickling. In Fortune Telling mode, ask the Mixie a question and its forehead gems flash until only one color is lit to reveal the answer – green for yes, red for no, and yellow if the Mixie is unsure. In Spell and Game mode, the Mixie’s gems interacts with the wand. Combined, the Crystal Ball, spell-casting wand and Magic Mixie feature more than 80 sounds and reactions.


“With Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball we’re taking kids’ magic-making ability to the next level with an incredibly cool spell-casting wand that gives them the power to create and interact with their Mixie,” said Belinda Gruebner, chief marketing officer, Moose Toys. “The innovation behind Crystal Ball is a true reflection of Moose Toys’ dedication to infusing everything we do with the Moose signature WOW. If I were a fortune-telling Mixie, my prediction would be that, once again, Magic Mixies will top holiday wish lists for kids everywhere.”


More than a simple “one and done” toy, kids can repeat the creation process with the wand and mist to make the Magic Mixie, or other similar sized items, disappear and reappear within the Crystal Ball. At the end of the day, the Crystal Ball can be switched to night light mode with the option to change the color of the night light and an automatic switch off after a half hour. Taking the magic another step further, kids can go from apprentice to mastering all the magic the wand has to offer with a mini “wand school” how-to video, accessed via a QR Code on the product packaging and the two included spell books.


The toy also will be supported by a full marketing program, including a super fun Snapchat Lens and TikTok Community Effect that lets the young at heart transform into a plush Magic Mixie complete with giant eyes, ears and forehead gems. Upping the fortune telling fun, the interactive experience encourages users to “Think of a question and wave your wand for an answer,” which, like the Crystal Ball Mixie, will answer with a “yes,” “no,” or “unsure.” Consumers can experience Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball for themselves during an open-to-the-public magical day of events and activities at Family Experience Company CAMP locations in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas on Sept. 17. Starting the same day, the product will be available in-store at all CAMP locations nationwide, with CAMP counselors offering product demos through the end of the month. Rounding out the marketing program is a YouTube content series, in-store displays and influencer content.


“Expanding the world of Magic Mixies with Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball solidifies Moose Toys owning magic in toys,” said Gruebner. “Kids should be prepared for hours of fun as they master all the magic and special features within the Crystal Ball and beyond.


Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball is $84.99. Continue the magic with The Magical Mist Refill Pack for $9.99, which includes more than 80 misting reveals.


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