Komarc Launches Smack the Snack on Jack

Smack the Snack on Jack Komarc

When two-year-olds get frustrated or even angry, they throw tantrums. But what can you do if you’re eight or nine? Mental health experts say it is okay to physically throw something, safely. Komarc, makers of hilariously entertaining toys, suggest you Smack The Snack On Jack and laugh aloud while you are at it! No one can have the blues with Jack around. 


In this funny and challenging flinging game, Jack is the perfect target for (pardon the pun) a game of throws. Throw underhand or overhand the eight enclosed super sticky snacks like a waffle or an egg. Do so as fast as you can. The goal is to nail Jack in the head or chest, on his ears or even in his mouth! Each zany round is timed, and points are tallied. By reading the enclosed instructions, kids will uncover how each target area is assigned a designated number of points. 


There’s even a free app for that! Download the Smack the Snack Timer and Counter App from either Google Play or the App Store. With iPhones iOS 8.0 or later, this handy app lets kids tally points automatically by simply indicating which snacks were thrown and which target points were hit. Komarc makes it truly LOL fun and so easy to use. 


Smacking snacks at Jack is challenging and harder than you think as Komarc’s video demo proves! Watch their toy designers play the game. Some snacks even wind up on the floor. (Thank goodness the dog won’t eat the tasty looking pieces.) 


It’s not just the kids but grownups who can’t resist playing. “This game is a perfect way to squeeze in family bonding with busy schedules,” posted a buyer on Amazon. “My family managed to squeeze in short rounds in between zoom meetings and cooking meals. It is also a nice stress reliever!” 


“My children and I have played this multiple times and have had a lot of fun!” wrote another Amazon consumer. “On the back of Jack there are four sticky circles to attach it to the wall. I applied it to a smooth door and had no problems with it falling down.” 


The kids may fall down with laugher, but never Jack! He’s pretty durable as one mom texted. “The kids enjoy the smacking aspect the most, ha ha. The game itself has held up very well after repeated usage.”


Each snack is made of 100% safe, non-toxic sticky removeable polyurethane. And each piece has a small nonstick finger grip to hold while handling. Jack is made of very durable tear-proof polypropylene (PP) material. PP is considered one of the safest of plastics. 


Smack The Snack On Jack – Ages 8+. Available at Amazon Instead of the kitchen table, this game is apropos for the kitchen wall! In this funny and challenging “throwing and flinging” game, meet Jack! Throw, toss or fling super sticky “snacks” to nail Jack on his face, torso and that monogrammed J on his shirt. Each round is timed, and points are tallied. An extra digital layer of fun comes from the Smack the Snack Timer and Counter app. The free app lets you tally points automatically. Or, use the enclosed hourglass for non-app play. Boxed game includes 8 Snacks, 1 Jack (20 x 28” target), 1 Tray, 1 Snack Holder, 1 Sand Timer.