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Kristen Bell Welcomes In The Next Wave of PAWrents in PAW Patrol

Kristen Bell PAW Patrol

Kristen Bell is joining the PAW Patrol gang and welcoming in the next wave of “PAWrents”, as seen on her Instagram. For new parents, each age and stage comes with its own challenges and seeking the advice of seasoned professionals (a.k.a. other parents who have already been there) is a lifeline. Enter Kristen Bell, the hilarious, no-nonsense, tell it like it is mom-friend we all want to have. “Are your kids obsessed with PAW Patrol? Yes! Should parents be too? Yes!” said Bell. “Ryder and the pups are basically your secret co-parents, helping to teach your kids about teamwork and raising them to believe in themselves.”


“I’m Kristen Bell, and I’m here to spread the good news about PAW Patrol to other parents with kids in the PAW Patrol years!” she says with a smile before entering the home of fellow-mom Susan where she quickly “PAW-ifies” her life.


While preschoolers entering the obsession that is PAW Patrol can be all-encompassing, Bell quickly brings Susan up to speed on all things pup related. Unloading epic PAW Patrol toys (for countless hours of play), queuing up PAW Patrol the series (for endless hours of great content), and bringing the family together for some much needed down time, Bell’s work is done as she plops onto the couch (and much to the kid’s delight, she pins Susan as “a total Rubble”, their favorite pup!).


“Being a parent is hard, being a ‘PAWrent’ makes it easier,” said Bell. “If my kids are entertained, learning about teamwork, bravery and problem solving AND it gives us something to enjoy together during these short preschool years – I’m all in.”


Written and directed by Dunshire Productions’ Morgan Sackett (Veep, The Good Place, Parks & Recreation) and Dean Holland (The Good Place, Parks & Recreation, The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine), with Tyler Straessle as co-writer in collaboration with Kristen Bell and Spin Master’s creative team.


Created by Spin Master Entertainment and airing on Nickelodeon and Paramount+, PAW Patrol, is currently in its 9th season. In 2021 the pups made their debut on the big screen in PAW Patrol: The Movie and mark your calendars because a second feature film, PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie is heading to theatres October 13,2023 plus an all-new television series spin off for Rubble set for the same year.


Spin Master’s latest PAW Patrol toys are available now on Amazon (including the PAW Patrol Big Rig Highway Rescue Playset featured in the video), Walmart.com and Target.com.