Moose Toys Celebrates Five Toy of the Year 2022 Nominees in Four Categories

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Moose Toys, an innovative leader in the toy industry, celebrates five Toy of the Year 2022 (TOTY) Awards nominations in four categories:


Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball for Creative Toy of the Year
Magic Mixies Magic Mixlings for Collectible of the Year
Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Goo Shifters for Action Figure of the Year
Dance & Play Bluey and Little Live Pets Mama Surprise for Plush Toy of the Year


“This has been a magical year for Moose Toys with back-to-back nominations for Creative Toy of the Year and our Magic Mixies brand. Early industry buzz around Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball with a spellcasting wand and fortune-telling Mixie, has been phenomenal. Another nomination for this two-year-old brand is Magic Mixies Magic Mixlings, confirming both consumer enthusiasm for Magic Mixies and Moose Toys’ leadership position in collectibles,” said Paul Solomon, co-owner, Moose Toys. “These continued nominations are a testament to the Moose team’s creativity and innovation, as well as their dedication to delivering the Moose WOW year after year.”


The Toy Foundation’s (TTF) Toy of the Year Award finalists are decided by toy and play experts, retailers, academics and journalists who consider each nominated product’s creativity, originality, design, quality and play value. The awards program is a key fundraiser to support TTF’s year-round philanthropic work to deliver the comfort, joy, and extraordinary physical, emotional, and educational benefits of play to children in need.


Through Sept. 2, 2022, consumers can visit to vote for their favorite picks in each category. The TOTY award winners will be announced Sept. 20, 2022 in Dallas, TX. Tickets for the event can be purchased at


More information about Moose Toys’ nominated products below.


Moose Toys 2022 Toy of the Year Nominees:


Magic Mixies Magic Magical Crystal Ball ― Creative Toy of the Year

The newest addition to the world of Magic Mixies, the Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball featuring more than 80 lights, sounds and reactions is available for pre-sale on Sept. 1. Kids have the power to create a Magic Mixie and summon it to the Crystal Ball. With a flick of the wrist, a wave of the interactive spellcasting wand and some very magic words, the Crystal Ball awakens and real mist is beckoned to fill the sphere. The wand’s lights interact with the Crystal Ball as kids continue the spell and create their Magic Mixie, to give it color, a voice, fortune telling powers and more. With a final wave of the wand and the words “Magicus Mixus” the mist disappears and the Magic Mixie plush appears right before kids’ eyes. The magic and fun continues with the Magic Mixie’s four modes of play: Fortune Telling, Spell, Game and Tickling. In Fortune Telling Mode, ask the Mixie a question and its forehead gems light up to reveal the answer. Kids can also make the Magic Mixie disappear and reappear again. And when play and the day is done, the Crystal Ball can be switched to Night Light Mode. What fortune awaits? The Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball predicts hours and hours of magical playtime fun.


Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Goo Shifters ― Action Figure of the Year

Nominated for the fourth consecutive TOTY awards are the ultra-powered Heroes of Goo Jit Zu’s latest innovation ‘Goo Shifters’ – the gooiest, stretchiest most powerful heroes the Goo-niverse has ever seen. Crush the power core in their chests to release the Goo Shifter core and activate the spectacular transformation. Every figure throughout the line has a unique transformation and new ultra-power styling. The Goo Jit Zu heroes have all the goo and none of the mess. Stretch them up to three times their size, and they always come back to their original shape to save the day again and again.


Magic Mixies Magic Mixlings ― Collectible of the Year

Literally putting magic in the palm of kids’ hands are Magic Mixies Mixlings. A smaller breed from the same family of Mixies, they may be small but don’t be tricked by their size — with more than 40 Mixlings to collect, including Common, Rare, Ultra Rare or Limited Edition, and six spell casting teams, there’s plenty of magic to be had. Each Mixling comes with a collector’s guide and its own magic cauldron that reveals its team and rarity by rubbing the gem and saying the magic words, “Magicus Mixus.” Use the magic wand and hold it to the gem on the Mixlings’ forehead to reveal the Mixlings’ magic. The “Spellsters” glow in the dark, while the “Vanishers” become transparent when dunked in water. What secrets lie within the teams of “Fliers,” “Morphlings,” “Enchanters” and all mysterious Limited Edition? When play is finished, use the included cauldron to store the Mixlings. Kids can bring them out again and again for a repeat reveal of their magic that delivers a sure surprise and amaze with every new audience.


Dance & Play Bluey ― Plush Toy of the Year

It’s time to dance and sing with Bluey from the hit Disney+ series. For the first time, Bluey comes to life in an interactive way, moving her arms and legs with realistic motions that invite kids to play along with her. So much more than a plush, this special Bluey replicates the energy and personality of the active blue heeler star of the wildly popular animated series and inspires imaginative play. Bluey has three different activities: talking, singing, and dancing, making her the perfect companion for active days with friends or just for one. This Bluey toy says more than 55 phrases, including her charming, “For real life” and “I know a game we can play.” She can even stand on one leg and dance up a storm in Dancemode! She also sings four songs and plays three different games, including Statues, when a key word makes everyone freeze in their place.


Little Live Pets Mama Surprise ― Plush Toy of the Year

Mama Surprise is the latest innovative toy from the range of Little Live Pets. Each lifelike toy in the line moves, acts and sounds like the real thing, creating magical moments of wonderment and joy for kids. The soft, interactive mama guinea pigs sounds and reactions are activated in response to the care she receives. Mama loves having her hair brushed, and when she is pet and fed her ‘celery,’ her heart will start to glow. This signals that it’s time to put Mama in her deluxe hutch and tuck her in. The next morning, kids will welcome the surprise of a guinea pig baby that arrives with a special care package. Mama has three surprise babies, each with its own special care package and themed accessories to play with and dress them, including rock n’ roll, preppy and princess. Mama Surprise delivers a new baby every day over multiple days. The surprise deliveries can be repeated.


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