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Little Kids, Inc. Staff Blows Celebratory Bubbles as Fömilator Named Finalist for Toy of the Year 2022

Föm Mania

There has always been something special about bubbles. Parent toy company Little Kids Incorporated, the number one bubble manufacturer in the U.S., is blasting triumphant fluffy foam at its headquarters as its newest outdoor product, Föm Mania Fömilator nabs a spot on the Toy Of The Year 2022 ballot. Votes can be cast at


Stocked on store shelves at Target, Walgreens, CVS, Kohl’s, Meijer and specialty stores near you, the Fömilator has been a joy in front yards and back patios during this extra hot summer. No wonder! The Fömilator jets out streams of thick, fluffy foam up to 15 feet.


“This Fomilator is awesome! Seriously every kid’s dream toy!” posted one mom on “Like a squirt gun but so much cooler because it’s FOAM! My son wants to play with it all the time. Perfect for the summer when I want him outside playing as much as possible. Definitely glad I got him this toy— it has made our summer so much more fun!”


Everyone wants to get in on the foamy fun, according to this family who also posted at “I gave this to my 11yo daughter who isn’t really a Nerf person, but inevitably gets caught in the Nerf battle unarmed with her 12yo brother and his guy friends. She loved this, and it leaves a clear mark on someone who has been tagged so there’s no question about I got you! And of course, since the kid who has been tagged isn’t super wet like a water gun would do, they aren’t terribly mad about it. So, I call this a win! It works well and easy to load.”


The Toy Association oversees the annual “Oscars of toys” awards ceremony. This year, due to the pandemic, it will be held on September 20 in Dallas leading into the Toy Associations’ 2023 Market and 2022 Holiday Preview Event. To make it as a finalist, toys had to impress judges (made up of retailers, industry experts and journalists) in three criteria — Creativity and Originality; Design and Quality and of course, Play Value. Voting online in 17 different toy categories begins on August 15.