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Bakugan from Spin Master Premieres New Metaverse Experience on Roblox

Bakugan Battle League Roblox

Spin Master Corporation, a leading global entertainment company, has announced its Bakugan franchise will introduce more first of a kind experiences on Roblox, the global online platform that brings millions of people together through shared experiences. Starting August 5 at 12:00 p.m. PST and 3:00 p.m. EST, Bakugan Battle Planet, the original anime-adventure series that captured kids’ imaginations, will be available for fans to watch on-demand on Roblox.


With over 100 anime episodes to relive, legacy fans can embrace the nostalgia while next generation fans can watch the original first season and further follow the franchises’ back story as it rolls out over the course of five months. Hosted within the Bakugan Battle League experience on Roblox, four to six episodes will drop each week, with streaming features. Fans will be able to switch from gaming to streaming content seamlessly within the experience.


“Last year we introduced another dimension of Bakugan storytelling, bringing together millions of fans with the first ever premiere of a full-length episode on Roblox,” said Laura Henderson, Spin Master’s EVP, Marketing. “Today, we are doubling down in the metaverse, delivering Bakugan to its global fanbase and Roblox’s massive audience in another authentic, first of its kind immersive experience.”


In addition to the five-month Bakugan streaming event, Spin Master will debut six Roblox co-branded digital gift cards from September to November. The Bakugan Roblox digital gift card promotion will include an exclusive Bakugan metaverse item, a virtual Genesis Dragonoid that can be worn across other experiences on Roblox, and it will also grant access to all the new Bakugan characters when visiting the Bakugan Battle League experience on Roblox. In the US, two limited edition Bakugan trading card drops will be sent to the first ten thousand users that request it. Roblox co-branded digital gift cards will be available for purchase globally at beginning in September 2022.


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