NERF Unveils All-New LMTD Star Trek and Retro Blasters at NERF Fest, Launches NERF Island on Roblox

NERF’s mascot, Murph, and Chief TikTok Officer Sophie Lightning hosted its first-ever NERF FEST fanstream on the Hasbro Pulse YouTube Channel to unveil brand new NERF LMTD premium products, exclusive drops and other exciting NERF news:


● Following this week’s exciting NERF collaboration announcement with mega sci-fi franchise Star Trek, fans were treated to an in-depth look at the NERF LMTD Star Trek Starfleet Type 3 Phaser and Starfleet Type 2 Phaser. The 2-pack is available for pre-order now at Hasbro Pulse and Amazon.


● The NERF team also revealed the all-new NERF LMTD SHARP92 Blaster, a retro throwback of the NERF Sharp Shooter that debuted in 1992 and was the first NERF blaster to fire the now iconic NERF foam darts, launching a whole new way to blast into adrenaline-pumping outdoor play. The retro blaster is available for pre-order at Hasbro Pulse and Amazon now.


● What’s more, the brand just launched into all-new territory: NERF Island on Roblox. Available now, this one-of-a-kind virtual experience is fully loaded with nothin’ but NERF. Players can unleash the play and blast targets all over NERF ISLAND to earn tickets that can be redeemed for awesome NERF-inspired virtual gear. In NERF Island on Roblox, you can feel the thrill of the new Roblox Zombie Attack Viper Strike blaster in action as you blast and snake your way to the top of the Viper Strike-inspired course. In October and November, fans can stay tuned for new rolled out updates to up the game and unlock more heart-pounding, hair-raising adventure on NERF ISLAND.


● NERF is officially coming to Hasbro Pulse Con 2022!

NERF Sharp92


NERF LMTD Sharp92 Blaster

The NERF Retro line celebrates 30 years of dart blasting, paying tribute to iconic blasters from the past! The Sharp92 blaster brings back the NERF Sharp Shooter, which was released in 1992 and was the first Nerf blaster to fire the now iconic NERF foam darts, launching a whole new way to blast into adrenaline-pumping outdoor play. The blaster is a reproduction of the original Sharp Shooter dart blaster, so you can relive those first NERF battles and create new memories as you blast into new NERF games. The nostalgic blast from the past continues with the package itself, which captures the look of the original package. And like the Sharp Shooter blaster from 1992, the Nerf LMTD Sharp92 blaster includes suction-tip darts. Fire into fun in 3 easy steps. Pull back the handle, load a dart into the barrel, and squeeze the trigger. Includes blaster, 3 suction-tip NERF darts, and sticker sheet. Eyewear recommended (not included). Available for pre-order exclusively at Hasbro Pulse and Amazon now.

Star Trek NERF

NERF LMTD X Srar Trek Starfleet Type 3 Phaser Blaster

Celebrate the 35TH anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation with the NERF LMTD Star Trek Starfleet Type 3 Phaser and Starfleet Type 2 Phaser! They capture the look of the phasers used by Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise. The Type 3 motorized dart blaster has light-up effects that simulate the look of being assimilated by the Borg in homage to the film, Star Trek: First Contact, light-up phaser effects, phaser sounds, authentic First Contact movie sounds, an internal 5-dart clip, and fires 1 dart at a time. The Starfleet Type 2 Phaser fires 1 dart and has a pull-back priming handle.

With their premium design details, the blasters honor the iconic Star Trek, the universe that has sparked imaginations and engaged fans for more than 50 years. The blasters come in premium packaging that’s perfect for display. Eyewear recommended (not included). Includes 7 foam Nerf Elite darts. Type 3 phaser requires 4x 1.5v AA alkaline batteries (not included). The new NERF LMTD Star Trek Starfleet Type 3 Phaser is available now for pre-order on Hasbro Pulse and Amazon.