Super Impulse Sets New Trend with the Launch of Minis-in-Minis

minis in minis super impulse

Super Impulse, an industry leader in miniature toys and collectibles, have announced the launch of Minis-in-Minis, an exciting and never-before-seen collectible concept. The new line features mini toys with tiny minis inside, and is the model blueprint for how Super Impulse continues to pave the way in all things miniature, combining iconic brands and popular trends.


The launch of Minis-in-minis marks the first time the industry has seen this evolution of miniatures; which many influencers, collectors and press say they have been anticipating. This exciting new line has captured the hearts of kids and kidults of all ages.


Minis-in-Minis, Sugar Buzz is launching now at Walmart. Series one is confectionery themed and includes the most beloved brands such as Toxic Waste, Chupa Chups, Pez, Peeps, Mike and Ike, Warheads, and more. Complete the collection with 66 minis, including three levels of rare colors.  Discover 8 inside each cup, including 2 Minis and 6 Minis-In-Minis. The clear top reveals one mini toy and the other is hidden below.  It’s sure to give mini collectors a kick, bring back sweet memories, and make anyone feel like a kid in a candy store!


“Super Impulse specializes in miniatures. It is our job to set the standard in the category and to create new experiences for fans of all ages,” said Super Impulse Founder and CEO Alan Dorfman. “Minis-in-Minis offer not only miniatures to collect, but also the TINIEST miniatures – a whole new scale of collectibles! And Minis-in-Minis, Sugar Buzz features the hottest trend in food/grocery collectibles – candy!”


Super Impulse has been leading the way in miniatures since the company began in 2014 with the launch of the World’s Smallest Collection; building roots in fully functioning miniatures of retro classics and expanded with a multitude of licensing partnerships. Super Impulse houses a  variety of new product lines including: World’s Coolest, World’s Smallest, Micro Toy Box, Micro Figures, Tiny Arcades and now, the introduction of Minis-in-Minis. 


Minis-in-minis Sugar Buzz will be available in all major retailers for $5.99 and is recommended for kids ages 8 and up. For even more collectibles, micro figures, and functional mini toys, follow Super Impulse at Facebook: Super Impulse  Instagram: @SuperImpulse  TikTok: @superimpulseor visit


Founded in 2014, Super Impulse is committed to toy innovation, novelty items and accessories for kids and the young at heart. Super Impulse’s globally recognized, World’s Smallest collection has expanded with a multitude of licensing partnerships. Selling hundreds of millions of units across the product line and continues to add to its offering and licenses with the world’s most iconic toys.  Super Impulse has the latest in classic retro and trend-forward toys with “a little something” for everyone!