Trefl Announces Plans to Expand Its U.S. Product Portfolio With Games

Trefl Games Logo United States

Trefl, the award-winning and family-owned European puzzle and game developer, has plans to expand its U.S. product portfolio beyond puzzles with the addition of games. Set to hit retail in fall 2023, the launch will include some of the company’s most successful and award-winning European titles including Hot Pot, Zig Zap, Boom Boom, Targeto and more. The complete U.S. Trefl games line-up will be unveiled on September 20th at the 2023 Preview and 2022 Holiday Market in Dallas, TX, booth #12-1701. 


“We are looking forward to unveiling our most popular European game titles in the U.S.,”  says Kazimierz Wierzbicki, Founder of the Trefl Group. “Every single product in our entire line was developed with the goal to bring families together, and our games are no different. With a wide-range of fun games to choose from, there is something perfect for everyone.” 

The U.S. Trefl Games are recommended for children ages five and up and will be available at retail in 2023.  The line-up will launch with the following titles:


  • Hot Pot is an unpredictable and hot game of skill in which fast selection of the right ingredients counts. Sounds simple? You couldn’t be more wrong. You can use only chopsticks and your own nimble hands! Let’s grab some food with an amazing wobbly dexterity game.


  • Zig Zap will take you to a crazy world in which you will have to find the right pet cards depending on what you find on your head. Take your grabber and get ready for a dynamic gameplay where the rules change constantly.


  • Boom Boom what’s that sound? The bell’s ringing. Can you collect all the cards? Gather your piles and hit the bell! Be first and chase the same cards to gather all the characters to your piles. Be careful, the other players are chasing the same creatures from the same board. You need to be quick!


  • Mistakos is a crazy furnishing time! Grab a chair and stack one on another. The object is to get rid of chairs in the as quickly as possible while adding them to the stack. Simple rules and hundreds of ways to mix a variety of boxes all together. Great fun guaranteed. Well known game now in a ladder edition. Choose a ladder in your color and stack it on another. Take caution not to drop any on the table! Different shapes of ladders are making the play even more fun. Combine ladders with chairs and take your gameplay to the next level. It’s a great dexterity game for the players of any age!


  • In the game Spy Guy players take on the role of Spy Guy, whose task is to find and catch a criminal who is prowling the city. On the long jigsaw puzzle board, search for clues indicated by the cards to catch the culprit as quickly as possible! Spy Guy is a co-operative game that requires a keen eye and close co-operation between players. Can you catch the criminal before he escapes from the city? The game includes two variants: for beginners and for advanced players.


  • Pizza Rush is a hilarious game where each player has to deliver the ordered pizzas as quickly as possible. Watch out for dogs lurking around the houses and a hungry Auntie, who could use a sweet tooth. Collect orders and deliver the pizzas


  • Barrel of Laughs put your dice in a barrel and try to get the sequence of symbols given on the card. Then complete the task from your card and make everybody laugh. Throw the dice and win it nice!


  • Targeto is a great skill game! Take the challenge and test your accurate eye! Choose your catapult and a set of pawns and start 1 of 5 gameplay variants. Try to score the most points. Remember all the tokens from the cups and become the champion of the best fairy tales!


  • Food Prank! Before the game, fill your opponent’s pots with various goodies. Run your pots off the board, close your eyes, open one of them and taste the contents! If you manage to guess what was inside, you score a point! Whoever guesses all their flavors first wins the game!


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The Trefl Group consists of production and commercial enterprises, two sports companies and a media company. We are one of the largest puzzle manufacturers in Europe and a leading board game producer in Poland. The main area of our activity is the production and distribution of jigsaw puzzles, board games, game cards, and science sets. Since 2008 we have been distributing SIKU car models and we are the exclusive distributor of toys including VTech electronic toys in Poland. We have distribution companies in Germany and the Czech Republic (and recently also in the United States).