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Make-A-Fort Debuts Minecraft Themed Kits for the Holiday Season

Minecraft Make-A-Fort

Make-A-Fort has announced a partnership with Minecraft, one of the most popular games in the world, and a major source of joy for millions of players. Since Minecraft was released, people of all ages have happily spent hours gathering, crafting and building with friends. This holiday season kids can finally walk and crawl inside a Minecraft Explorer Kit available for order now in the US and Canada at


“The Minecraft Explorer Kit is one of the few consumer products that allows building a Minecraft creation in the real world big enough to play inside,” says Make-AFort’s Kent Johnson.


How big can a fort become? Be ready to move some furniture because a Minecraft Fort can stretch as wide as 6’ x 6’ and reach about 4’ tall! If crawling through tunnels gets the kids moving after consuming those delicious holiday treats and dinners, plan on building 12’ of tunnel encompassing 2’ x 2’ of space. With three kits, your fort can expand as big as 14’ x 10’!


Just like Minecraft, constructing a fort with the Minecraft Explorer Kit teaches teamwork, problem-solving, project management and offers a fantastic environment to foster creativity. Talk about “out of the box” thinking — once the fort is built, kids get to roam inside the structure.


With five possible structures to build from just one kit, Make-A-Fort suggests beginning with Dirt House as it’s known among Minecraft players. Everyone starts somewhere in Minecraft, and what better way to start than with the classic Dirt House! You’ll be sure to escape the lurking creepers and zombies at night when you hide out in this creation. Plenty of room to store your crafting table, of course.


Ever dream of building a real First Night House? Make-A-Fort’s site explains how with images the final look assembled within a 6’ x 4’space. As the description reveals, no need to worry about uninvited visitors as this is simply make-pretend in the safety of the child’s actual home! Next, construct the Cave in about a 6’ x 6’ space. If friends and family are visiting for the holidays, anyone can join in as it will facilitate hours and hours of quality time bliss and group creativity!


“Once all your wood-punching and stone-tool crafting on your first day is done,” reveals Make-A-Fort’s First Night House, “throw some dirt down and put together a safe place to spend the night! Be careful, though, don’t let any spiders crawl in through the roof or any skeleton arrows sneak through the crack in the door.”


Likewise, when building the Cave, “brave the depths of this cave and explore the dark paths inside! Duck through the low tunnels, mine all the gold and iron inside. Make sure not to fall into any hidden lava pools, though!”


Available at the Make-A-Fort website and Amazon, the Minecraft-themed fort kits will engage kids for hours and hours at a time. Once play is done with these durable and reusable pieces, kids can pack up everything in the kit’s enclosed carrying case. Make-A-Fort has collected a mantle full of industry honors for its educational play sets including last year’s National Parenting Products Awards, Hot Diggity Awards, a rare Authenticated Educational Product seal, Tillywig Toy Award’s Best Creative Fun prize to namedrop a few!


Minecraft Fort Single Kits • Ages 8+ • $99.99

Make one of five different Minecraft creations at a time with a single kit – Villager House, Dirt House, Mineshaft, Cave, First Night House. Or let your imagination run wild and design your own. More kits equal more spacious adventures. Each kit includes 16 dirt panels, 4 grass panels,18 gold braces, 86 black high density foam connectors that can easily be stored in the included carrying case. Help for the kids and kidults can be found in the Getting Started Guide. Every kit boasts a money back/satisfaction guarantee and a Made in USA distinction.


Minecraft Fort 2-Pack Kits • Ages 8+ • $185.69

Each kit boasts “grass” and “dirt” panels with ample high density foam connectors to connect panels snuggly. With two kits you can also build a larger Dirt House, a larger Mineshaft, a larger Cave, a larger First Night House or a larger Villager House.


Minecraft Fort 3-Pack Kits • Ages 8+ • $261.40

Bundle three kits and save. At the end of play, store all of the pieces in the enclosed carry cases. With three kits you can also build an even larger Dirt House, a larger Mineshaft, a larger Cave, a larger First Night House or a larger Villager House.