ASTRA Reveals Brand New Logo

Astra New Logo Winners Trends 2023 2024

The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) has just announced a bold new logo for their organization. Ahead of their trailblazing new endeavor, the Toy Boat, on February 20-24, ASTRA has revamped its logo and restated its vision statement as they move forward into a new toy landscape. Registration for the Toy Boat can be found here.


ASTRA Vision Statement:

To be the Guiding Star of the specialty PLAY industry
We are the STAR that guides our members.
The STAR that shines on the specialty toy trade
The STAR that represents expertise and trust to our neighborhood shoppers


ASTRA’s Mission:

To Engage, Elevate and Promote the success of our membership

ASTRA Believes:

Our community is stronger when we are
Working and
Succeeding together…
Remembering we must PLAY together