Autism Network Picks Shashibo and Mozi for 2022 Autism & Gift Guide

Fun in Motion Logo 281 Autism Network Shashibo Toy Fair

Fun In Motion Toys was honored to have its Shashibo and Mozi toys both selected by the Autism Network for its prestigious 2022 Autism Toy & Gift Guide. The announcement was made by Kevin Daniels, President and Co-Founder of the company.


For Shashibo, given the Autism Network’s “Adult Boredom Buster” Award, it’s the latest accolade for America’s #1 fidget toy. Mozi, often described as being like a Slinky for your arm, with its ability to spin continuously and effortlessly as it moves up and down from one arm to another, won the “Caregiver – Best Sensory Toy” Award.


“It’s always a joy to receive recognition for our accomplishments,” noted Daniels, “but these awards are especially gratifying because they reflect our ongoing commitment to creating mesmerizing toys that provide active movement that stimulates the mind and body.”