Genius Games Launches New KickStarter for Dinosaur Floor Puzzles

Genius Games Dinosaur Floor Puzzles

Genius Games, a manufuacturer of games both fun and educational, has launched a kickstarter for their newest endeavor, Double-Sided and Glow in the Dark Dinosaur Floor Puzzles. The project has already far exceeded it’s initial goal, but is still accepting pledges through November 17th. The Kickstarter for Dinosaur Floor Puzzles can be found here.


More from Genius Games about Double-Sided and Glow in the Dark Dinosaur Floor Puzzles:


Our new line of Turn N Learn Puzzles is kicking off with 3 giant Dinosaur floor puzzles for kids of all ages. Each 100-piece puzzle features stunning artwork of these beautiful behemoths on one side, and a scientifically-accurate glow-in-the-dark reconstruction of their skeleton on the other side.


Snap together the King of Lizards with the ferocious Tyrannosaurus rex puzzle. Possessing jaws that produced three times more bite force than a lion, these therapods from the Cretaceous period could tear off meat from their prey or chomp limbs, bones and all. Tyrannosaurs hunted with depth perception made possible by forward facing eyes and counterbalancing tails that allowed them to sprint towards fleeing plant-eaters.


Snap together an imposing herbivore with this impressive Triceratops horridus puzzle. Known for its neck-protecting frill and piercing horns, these ceratopsians were one of the last non-avian dinosaurs. Fossil evidence suggests their horns were used to spar with rivals as well as ward off attacks from predators including Tyrannosaurus rex. If fighting was not the answer, Triceratops could evade at 20 miles-per-hour.


Snap together a once-living tank with this hulking Ankylosaurus magniventris puzzle. These imposing plant-eaters roamed during the Cretaceous period along with predators like the Tyrannosaurus rex. But our herbivore wasn’t on the menu: With its low-slung frame, bony plates and spikes, and dangerous clubbed tail, Ankylosaurs could defend themselves from the most ferocious attacks.