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Out of the Swamp – Shrek x Kiddo Blind Boxes Dropping November 2022

Shrek x Kiddo

All new from the innermost depths of the swamp, the Shrek x Kiddo Collection from award-winning future culture company Mighty Jaxx is now available. This exclusive collection rewinds the clock for Shrek, Donkey and all other fan favorites of the cast, showing us what they looked like during their preschool days and accompanied by play-pretend props! The Shrek x Kiddo collection is now live for sale on


Boxes can be bought individually for $12.99 or in trays of 6 for $74.99, and keep an eye out for the ultra rare Shrek (with donkey plush) figure only in select boxes.


Founded in 2012, Mighty Jaxx is an award-winning integrated future culture platform that designs and produces digital and phygital collectibles in partnership with the greatest talents in the world, as well as global brands such as Netflix, Formula 1, Hasbro, Toei Animation, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, Adidas and more, shipping millions of phygital collectibles to over 80 countries worldwide yearly.


With a mission to supercharge future culture phygitally, Mighty Jaxx’s integrated platform will empower future pop culture brands with an end-to-end supply chain of digital and phygital collectibles, including artist development and incubation, proprietary IP operation and providing global consumers access to new DTC experiences.