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Rainbow High Competition, Rainbow Vision, Culminates with Season Finale and Roblox Livetopia Collaboration

Rainbow High Rainbow Vision

Rainbow High, the leading global fashion doll brand and hit animated YouTube series from MGA Entertainment(MGA), takes classic, friendly high school rivalry to the next level with the most highly-anticipated competition of the year, Rainbow Vision. Introduced earlier this year via the animated series and new product launches, the friendly rivalry between fine arts schools Rainbow High and Shadow High will reach new heights in the series and beyond this Fall. In weeks to come, fans can look forward to a shocking season finale, as well as several new ways to engage with the brand, including a first-ever Rainbow High streaming music album and the brand’s first foray into the online gaming platform, Roblox, via a Livetopia integration.


During the past five months, Rainbow High’s premier band, the Rainbow Divas, has vivaciously competed with Shadow High’s band, Neon Shadow, in the animated series. Shadow High went into the competition determined to break Rainbow High’s winning streak of eight years in a row in the Rainbow Vision competition. Both teams were surprised to learn they weren’t the only two schools to watch out for when world-renowned K-pop artists, Royal Three, hit the scene. After months of anticipation, the competition heats up on weekly episodes. Then, during the season finale November 23 on YouTube, the winner of the Rainbow Vision competition, as determined by a panel of judges on the series, including Headmaster Paris – voiced by Paris Hilton – will be announced.


As part of the Rainbow Vision activities, Rainbow High has partnered with Livetopia on a cohesive and immersive integration, which will be available on Roblox beginning November 4 and will run through November 24. Fans will have the opportunity to discover the iconic Rainbow High creative arts high school within their gameplay, inclusive of a theatre where players will watch their favorite bands perform, and enjoy music, fashion and beauty classrooms straight from the Rainbow High series. Players can also purchase “verch,” or virtual merchandise, on the Roblox platform and within Livetopia. This will mark the introduction of Livetopia’s first and exclusive high school in the game to date.


Throughout the three weeks, Livetopia players will have the chance to participate in multiple flights, during which they will be tasked with seeking out four to six Rainbow High characters who will each offer an easy-to-win challenge. Once the player wins the challenges, they will be awarded “tickets” to vote in a singing competition between two teams, which will be available to view during each week. After the player watches the two “live” musical performances, they can then vote on their favorite band, and unlike the series where the winner is pre-destined, here the fans’ votes matter. The winning Rainbow Vision team will be announced across Livetopia and Rainbow High social channels. While the competition will live on the platform for just three weeks, the Rainbow High high school will exist in Livetopia in perpetuity, indicating a growing relationship between the hit game and popular toy and entertainment brand.


“The Rainbow High integration into Roblox’s top game, Livetopia, highlights Rainbow High’s commitment to identifying creative new ways to engage our loyal fans and welcome them into the colorful world they’ve grown to know and love through their dolls and favorite series,” said Isaac Larian, CEO and Founder of MGA Entertainment. “There is no better place to experience the exciting Rainbow Vision competition than in the metaverse!”


Rainbow High Rainbow Vision dolls and accessories, available now, include nine characters from all three competing bands, Rainbow Divas, Neon Shadow, and Royal Three, as well as the official Rainbow High 4-in-1 Tour Bus Playset, which features rolling wheels, working lights, and four different play areas for kids to recreate their favorite Rainbow Vision performances at home. The dolls and playset are available globally in all major markets and retailers  and within the U.S. at  Amazon, Walmart and Target.


Rainbow High  fans have been asking for music featured in the series to stream for some time. Now they can head to their favorite music streaming platform to listen to the first-ever Rainbow High album featuring songs from Rainbow Vision and the series.


Be sure to watch season three, featuring Rainbow Vision, on YouTube and catch up on seasons one and two on Netflix. Follow Rainbow High on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook for fun features and news. #LetYourTrueColorsShine.