Standard Poker Co Launches Kickstarter For Smartest Home Poker Set On The Market

Standard Poker Co Kickstarter

Standard Poker Co, a new technology-enabled home poker set by SPC Innovation Solutions Inc, has just launched on Kickstarter. Poker fans now have the opportunity to join the revolution of the thousand-year-old game with early-bird access to the most innovative poker set for at-home use with friends and family.


The Standard Poker Co set features technological advancements such as RFID-enabled chips, Bluetooth smart board betting surfaces, and livecast mobile app that allows for seamless table tracking and faster gameplay amongst real-life players. The smart boards gather data in real-time allowing each player to compare and evaluate their opponents and betting statistics.


To kick off an unforgettable home poker game, the host creates a custom game on the Standard Poker Co. mobile app and each player is invited to sync their smart board. Once all players have joined, the app will suggest chip distribution, show all opponents gathered around a virtual table and begin to track turns. The app is alerted each time a player makes a bet as the RFID-enabled chips are moved off the smart board. Upon winning the hand, a player just has to place their chips back onto the surface and the app will automatically notify other players to start shuffling or dealing.


The set comes with six Bluetooth smart boards, 320 RFID-enabled quality clay chips, two decks of 100% recycled and crease-resistant plastic cards, an aircraft-grade aluminum case with shatterproof glass display, buttons and blinds, and 25 unique chip designs to choose from. Standard Poker Co. is priced at $249 for early backers and $599 MSRP once it comes to market.


After only a week, the Kickstarter campaign raised over $110,000, exceeding the initial funding goal of $30,000 within its first hour of launch. Backers will receive a six player Standard Poker Co. set with a $249 pledge or can add more chips and betting surfaces for up to 12 players with family pack offers priced at $2390 and customizable corporate bundles at $7,499. “We’re thrilled about the reception that we’ve received on Kickstarter so far. It shows that people around the world are excited about the idea of merging poker with technology that will make the game more efficient and thrilling”, said Roi Raz, Co-Founder of Standard Poker Co.


The Kickstarter campaign remains open through December 1, 2022. Upon a successful raise, the Standard Poker Co. mobile application will go live in May 2023 with orders shipped globally in the third quarter of 2023. For more information on Standard Poker Co. find them on Kickstarter or check out how to play in the demo video.