Triple F Plush Dolls Now Officially Available Just in Time for the Holidays

Triple F Dolls

Just in time for the holidays, Triple F, which stands for Fierce Female Firefighters, is pleased to announce the official launch of the very first, authentic firefighter plush dolls. Developed by a real-life female firefighter, Triple F Plush dolls were designed to inspire, motivate, and empower young girls while also honoring the women in the fire service and emergency medical services worldwide. The new Triple F Plush dolls are now available at and soon to be featured on Amazon.


According to the owner, Tina Guiler, this is the first line developed by an actual firefighter and is  more authentic than any other product on the market. “Triple F, which stands for Fierce Female Firefighters, aims to encourage and educate young women that they too can be a firefighter if they want to be,” she says. 


Triple F Plush dolls come dressed in a fire helmet and they have removable fire gear: bunker coat, gloves, hood, and axe. A unique feature is the one of a kind Triple F logo, featuring a female firefighter. Each doll has its own unique logo that looks like the doll. This logo is found on  the bunker coat of the doll, the helmet and the shirt underneath her fire gear. Each doll is 15 ½” in height and features brushable hair that can be styled any way. It is crafted using all soft materials with no sharp edges or plastic, making her the perfect doll to cuddle with at night. It comes with a booklet that explains how the gear protects a firefighter in a fire and two inspirational quotes by female firefighters with their autographs.


For 23 years Lieutenant Guiler has served with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department as a firefighter and a paramedic. She is spearheading the initial launch of three plush dolls, now available at and soon to be featured on Amazon. “We set out to design a line of female firefighter dolls that inspire young girls to be anything, even a firefighter.  If they see they can be a firefighter they will know they can do anything. The line has been well received by not only women, but the entire first responder community and makes for an excellent gift for the holidays”, she adds.


For every doll purchased, a percentage of the proceeds will benefit the Triple F Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Tina Guiler’s motivation to start this foundation stems from her diagnosis with breast cancer and wanting to help other firefighters battling cancer and on the job injuries. This foundation directly supports women in the fire service & women in the emergency medical services who are battling cancer, on the job injuries, PTSD and other medical injuries. 


Developed for ages 3+, the Triple F line currently features two different characters: Ember and Molly, with additional character, Ash, coming in January 2023. It is available for presale on their website now. Molly was specially named after the first ever known female firefighter in the United States, Molly Williams, in 1815. Ember and Ash are named after fire terminology. 


“Women currently represent only 4% to 6% of the entire fire service in the United States, and this makes our job as role models even more important to young girls. The mission of these dolls is to inspire future generations of firefighters,” Guiler concludes.


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