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CoComelon Franchise Connects With More Audiences Through Spin Off Shows

cocomelon spin off Nina

CoComelon, the world’s most popular kids entertainment brand, is poised to support even more little ones in their foundational years as the franchise continues to expand with spin off shows. Moonbug Entertainment, a subsidiary of Candle Media, has announced significant momentum across the entire franchise, including an additional beloved character getting their own show in 2023 – Nina!


The launch of Nina builds on the successful roll out of Cody Time and JJ’s Animal Time. Through these spin-offs and the strength of the original CoComelon show, the franchise continues to connect with new audiences: global YouTube subscribers grew 33% and viewership increased by nearly one third (29%) last year. Additionally, JJ and his friends reached a new milestone – more than 50 billion views on YouTube in one year – and CoComelon continued its weekly reign throughout 2022 in the Netflix Top 10 list.


“We love to see how much fun our audiences are having with JJ and all his friends, and we were blown away by how JJ’s Animal Time connected with families over the holidays,” said Patrick Reese, General Manager for CoComelon at Moonbug Entertainment. “As we grow the CoComelon universe, we’re excited to expand Cody and Nina’s stories and channels.”


A Record Breaking holiday for JJ’s Animal Time

JJ’s Animal Time brings humor and make-believe to the CoComelon franchise. This new spinoff show, set in the imagination of JJ, follows him and his animal friends on wild and hilarious adventures featuring fairy tales, fables, nursery rhymes, and so much more. The channel debuted in September 2022 and in December, garnered more than 33 million watch hours (more than 2 billion minutes) on YouTube alone.


Cody time Roars onto Netflix February 15

Since his debut on CoComelon back in 2019, Cody has grown from being JJ’s classmate to next-door neighbor to best friend, and in May of 2022, he got his own show and YouTube channel – Cody Time. The series follows Cody, now a big brother, and his family, including Cody’s father, Kwame, and mother, Toni, on adventures full of music, games, creativity, and of course, dinosaurs (Cody’s favorite). An immediate success on YouTube, the Cody Time channel already has 2.5 million subscribers and starting February 15, Cody Time will be available to stream for the first time on Netflix in English speaking countries.


Next up- Nina!

Since her first appearance on CoComelon in 2019, Nina – in her trademark yellow overalls – has sprinted through screens across the world and into our hearts as JJ’s loveable, sporty classmate and friend. Nina grew up surrounded by her family’s rich Mexican culture and she is always excited to share and celebrate her heritage in the everyday aspects of her life. Young children around the world will now get to experience more stories through the lens of an intergenerational Mexican-American family with the launch of Nina’s very own YouTube channel later this year.