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ZAG Play Brings Miraculous Secrets Trading Card Game to the Europe in Partnership with Epopia

Miraculous Secrets ZAG

Award-winning global independent animation studio ZAG has launched Miraculous Secrets, its first trading card game for the billion-dollar Miraculous franchise at retail in Germany and Austria and will roll-out to other European countries in the coming months. The announcement was made today by Jeremy Zag, Founder and CEO, ZAG.


Miraculous Secrets, from the ZAG Play Toy Division, was developed in partnership with Epopia, the creator of the groundbreaking, multiple award-winning interactive platform that encourages children to read and write who first partnered with ZAG in April 2021, acquiring global licensing rights to ZAG’s brands to create personalized and interactive storytelling. Miraculous Secrets is distributed by Amigo, the well-established European game maker.


With the new Miraculous Secrets trading card collection, fans can discover their favorite characters, their multiple transformations and akumatizations, Kwamis, Miraculous, and weapons, and discover unpublished secrets from the animated TV series, Miraculous – Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. The cards feature exclusive collectible designs and thermo-heat technology, unique in the world of trading cards.


Miraculous Secrets features a ready-to-play starter deck with over 29 cards, and 10-pack booster sets consisting of more than 200 official cards including characters, events, bonus, and mystery cards. More than 70 cards will be released in the special rainbow foil design. Players will try to uncover the secrets of their opponents as they help the teen superheroes defeat the villains and defend their city of Paris. Characters can be strengthened with bonus cards such as kwamis or lucky charms, and numerous event cards ensure varied fights!


“Featuring the bold cinematic visuals from Miraculous, we anticipate strong demand from fans of all ages across Europe who will be eager to collect the rarest of cards and exchange them with friends to complete their Miraculous Secrets collection,” commented Jeremy Zag. “All of us at ZAG are delighted to solidify our relationship with Epopia with the launch of this first Miraculous trading card game.”